The all-enticing Jennifer Walshe


Photo: Blackie Bouffant. Bluebell Woods, Knockvicar, Co. Roscommon, Ireland

“Without a doubt, hers is the most original compositional voice to emerge in Ireland in the last 20 years.”Michael Dervan, The Irish Times


Composer, performer, vocalist; Jennifer Walshe’s body of work is vast and impressive. She is never anything less than surprising, thought provoking and relentlessly imaginative, today being one of a great number of composers contributing to an explosion of new writing, pieces with a bold, subversive approach like that of XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!!!, perhaps her best known work.



Jennifer Walshe was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1974. Following her study of composition at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and Kevin Volans in Dublin Walshe graduated from Northwestern University, Chicago, with a doctoral degree in composition in June 2002. Since then she has been the recipient of endless awards, residencies and commissions, spanning both her composition and vocal work to an international broadcast.

The crux of much of Walshe’s work has an overarching structure of several sections, in which her voice is used in different ways, with different techniques in each part, but she is also the creator of a breadth of alter-egos and creative outlets. Irish Dada is her creation, as is the minimalist Dordán (Irish for drone) project, and so too the Breathnach archive (his name translates as ‘Kevin Walshe’) that Walshe inherited in buying a house in the west of Ireland. Walshe is responsible for so many manifestations occurring in her extraordinary music and performances, each meticulous practices that extend the creation of characters, voices, and events into dizzying bodies of work. The Grúpat collective, a fictional ensemble or “insurgency group” of alter egos that Walshe founded in 2007 to generate sound works, photography, self-built instruments and costume designs, serves as another example for Walshe’s enticing provocation, emphasising herself as an artist who delivers astute, sometimes savage observations on every day life, and who’s next move nobody can guess.

“Stepping away from her alter egos and into the day-to-day performance of everyday life, Walshe is a trim blonde woman of medium height; but in her work she shifts to a multiplicity of different forms: bearded drag queen, ukulele-playing chanteuse and neatly coiffed vamp.”- Musicworks


Make sure you catch her on the Saturday of Supersonic Festival 2018



MOOG Soundlab at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire: Moor Mother / Nik Void / Gum Takes Tooth / Brian Duffy



Supersonic Festival is delighted to be partnering with the internationally renowned Moog Sound Lab and The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire to create a four week artist residency programme. The Moog Sound Lab is focused on organic experimentation and is a unique opportunity for artists to explore analog sound-scaping, synthesis and effects. Artists who will be part of the residency include Moor Mother, Nik Void, Gum Takes Tooth and Brian Duffy (Modified Toy Orchestra).



When Robert Moog unveiled the Moog synthesiser to the world in 1964, he not only radically changed music, but culture itself. From the butterflies- inducing bassline on Donna Summer’s I Feel Love, to the unmistakable melody that weaves through New Order’s Blue Monday, the list of game changing songs and records from the last four decades all share one thing. The greatest pioneer of electronic music wasn’t a musician, but an eccentric physicist with a longstanding love of taking things apart and putting them back together again. This is the staple DIY, explorative and captivating behaviours that is staple to not only The MOOG Sound Lab, but rooted within Supersonic Festival itself. 

The lab moves to different venues and was previously Pioneered at Rough Trade NYC. It becomes a temporary residency space, offering a unique opportunity for artists to explore, experiment and create. A physical manifestation of the intersection of music, art and technology, the lab offers a unique resource to artists to make new work.



Residents will also include a number of students from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. These artists are all at different  stages  of  their  compositional  journeys  and will be joined by staff using the residency to work on significant research projects. These are to include baroque transcriptions  for  synthesizers (Martin  Perkins  &  Robin  Bigwood),  Integra  Lab experimentations,  and recordings  of  new  pieces  for  synthesizers  by  Seán  Clancy,  James Dooley,  and  Simon  Hall.  In  addition,  Music  Tech  lecturer  James  Dooley  will  lead  an ensemble  of  synthesists  from  both  Music  Tech  and  Composition  departments,  creating  a devised  collaborative  work  over  a  day  long  residency  in  the  Moog  Soundlab.


Listen below and whet your appetite for Supersonic Festival

Moor Mother


Nik Void


Gum Takes Tooth


Brian Duffy





3 WEEKS TO GO!!! Here’s a little something to keep you going until then…

Come visit us @ DIGBREW tonight where we’ll be spinning even more Supersonic favourites, and giving a sneak preview of the work our artist in residence DENNIS MCNETT has prepared for the festival.




**3 WEEKS TO GO** Welcome to the Market Place!


Supersonic Marketplace

Open Friday 21:30 – 01:00; Saturday 16:00 – MIDNIGHT; Sunday 15:00 – 22:00.

Welcome to the Market Place, the hub of the festival. This is a space for independent distributors, record labels and pedlars of curiosities to sell their wares, network, and meet our audiences face to face. The marketplace is also where you can find band merchandise, and is the home of various exciting workshop activities and talks over the weekend. The area is equipped with a tearoom serving a selection of epicurean delights, including some cravable cakes, tea and coffee and a can/cocktail bar for those who take their lemon drizzle with a tasty ale.

You will no doubt already be stunned by our marvellous lineup of music, art and film – but no Supersonic would be complete without its vibrant Market Place, complete with talks, high-energy DJ sets and extracurricular activities.

So here’s the lowdown on all the sellers joining us at Supersonic, plus a taste of the wondrous activities you’ll encounter in the Market Place over the course of the weekend.

Alt. Vinyl

alt.vinyl has been a physical and online store, promoter of live events and a diverse and eclectic record label producing over 70 releases with a roster of artists including lichens, richard dawson, warm digits, zoviet france, winter family, rhodri davies, robedoor, astral social club and many more. these days alt.vinyl concentrates on providing the rarest, collectable and hard to find sonic ephemera on analogue formats.

Box Records

Box Records from Newcastle Upon Tyne has been exploring the UK underground since 2009. Specialising in extrodinary and unformulated music Box Records has championed early releases from the likes of Richard Dawson, Terminal Cheesecake, GNOD, Bong, Lower Slaughter, Casusal Nun, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and more.

Defunkt Dialekt

Birmingham-based record label creating vinyl for a worldwide selection of artists.

Boswell’s exact origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is rumoured that he was found as an infant by a tribe of penny-farthing newts beneath the town of Frome in Somerset, U.K. Taking the form of paintings, sculptures, illustrations, visions of both darkness and vibrancy can be seen in the myriad record covers, comic strips, illustrations for the underground press and zines and large-scale paintings and sculptures he has created around the world.  They can also be heard echoing through the bass riffs he has played as a member of various bands through the years.

Eastville Project Space

Yeovil based arts space founded in 2014.  A collaboration between producers Stephen Ives (a.k.a Farmer Glitch) and Zoe Li.  Specialising in a range of sonic devices built into discarded found objects.  Noise machines and lighting kits to build.  Audio releases. One-off pieces and limited-editions from guest artists.

Edgeworld Records

A Supersonic regular since 2011, specialising in all things Alternative, Outsiders, Emergent…VINYL!

This year the Edgeworld store is offering a Flash Sale! Everything marked down to wholesale price or less. Decades of Alternative/Experimental/interesting DIY and Indie represented here, perfect for the discerning (but financially constrained) Supersonic Vinyl Hound. LPs/12”/7” and maybe a few CDs too. Fill yer boots.

God Unknown Records

God Unknown Records was founded in 2013 by Jason Stoll and has sought to bring together diverse artists to share a 7” single, birthing the God Unknown Records Singles Club. Releases include music from established artists such as Bardo Pond, Xylouris White, Thor Harris, Clinic, Goat, Hey Colossus, Gnod. As well as a growing list from the likes of Sly and the Family Drone, Dead Neanderthals, Tomaga, Woven Skull & Rainbow Grave.

Grassi Art

Grassi currently lives and makes art in the North East of England.

Where collage, drawings and paints set aside the familiar to investigate a developing bridge between the surreal and literal routines embedded within curiousity.

Lewes Herriot

I’m an artist living and working in Birmingham. I’ve spent just over a decade creating artwork for bands, promoters and musicians in the form of gig posters, album art and merch. I also sell prints, and recently a book, based on characters and landscapes from my personal work, which is heavily inspired by wildlife, cartoons and psychedelia.

Shelanu: Women’s Craft Collective

Migrant and refugee women working with Craftspace to develop craft skills, confidence and well-being through social enterprise. Shelanu, which means belonging to us, is a developing social enterprise of migrant and refugee women producing high quality craft objects inspired by their new home, the city of Birmingham. They will be selling their Interlocking Stories and Migrating Birds jewellery collections and their Birmingham souvenir range.

Sleep Sparrow

Sleep Sparrow is the work of Birmingham based, Falmouth graduate, Sophie Chadwick. Influenced by atmospheres found within music, brutalist architecture and modernist design, she explores the interaction between various colours and shapes.

Wayside and Woodland

Wayside & Woodland Recordings is an artist led record label based in Staffordshire. Founded in 2006, by genre-melding experimental artists epic45 (Ben Holton & Rob Glover) as a platform to release work unrestrained by the conventions of a traditional record label structure.


#1 What Is New Weird Britain? A Guide To The UK Underground In 2018


As we get ready for this year’s Supersonic Festival, Noel Gardner, John Doran and Luke Turner present their takes on what the underground we’re calling New Weird Britain constitutes, from anti-corporate defiance, performance art, and a bold new exploration of landscape and place.

The way that we discover and consume music is constantly changing. In a climate of the tame repetitive mainstream where music is only valid if it gets financial return, Supersonic has always celebrated the counter cultures that emerge to create music against the odds.

The Quietus have released three essays which articulate the gloriously fertile underground scene of the UK- a scene coined as ‘New Weird Britain’- and how those cherishable artists within it account for a glorious, nationwide explosion of defiance in music.



Read Noel Gardner‘s take below, where he highlights Supersonic line up Housewives, GNOD, Mesange, Terminal Cheesecake and Vanishing Twin as his choice for this year’s festival

Rocket Recordings’ HOUSEWIVES

New Weird Britain Essay #1
New Weird Britain: A Guide To The UK Underground In 2018
By Noel Gardner
Supersonic are not so much who I’m writing this piece for as a reason I’m writing it. That is to say: the festival’s approach to choosing lineups is a prototype of how I prefer to envisage music’s underground. A space of interactivity rather than cramped, glowering sects, where sufficient imagination can cook up a conceptual link between any two given acts.
In 2018, music fans are way less rigid in their tastes than they used to be. The reasons for this are complex, although not so complex that I can’t say ‘mainly because of the internet’, but on a micro level, many identifiable entities have helped to get listeners to swerve across multiple lanes. Supersonic is, I feel, one of them.
When they debuted in 2003, the accepted method of booking nearly any festival bill was ‘find a subculture and get them to give you money’. The inaugural Supersonic, meanwhile, had Coil and LCD Soundsystem vying for top billing. I know because I was there. It was a blast! So how do you make avant-magick custodians of Old Weird Britain work with sarky Brooklyn disco-punk newjacks? By mixing them both up with The Bug and Pram and V/vm and something called the ZX Spectrum Orchestra and more vitally obstinate oddities that were square pegs nearly everywhere but here, where it coalesced into perfect sense.

That’s why they did it again the following year, and the one after, and so forth. Outside of those weekends, something more was happening – slowly, almost imperceptibly – in British independent music. It wasn’t necessarily self-defeating madness to combine thunderclap techno with punchdrunk sludge metal, or quicksharp punk rock with atonal clatter-noise. People made a greater virtue of promoting such lineups across the country, and festivals launched which were unquestionably ‘post-Supersonic’ in their worldview. And if you’re reading this thinking, “What’s the big deal? I’ve been listening to music this way since forever,” kudos! The world has caught up with you.
Since the start of 2017 my Quietus column, Noel’s Foul House, has attempted – fruitlessly, in the best way – to nail down the jelly of the contemporary UK underground, aka New Weird Britain. ‘Course, you know there’s reams of radness out there when you embark on something like this (why would you be bothering otherwise?) but focusing your listening habits on it brings it into, well, focus.
Supersonic 2018’s programme is studded with names I’ve either lauded in Foul House and/or are its essence via their general comings and goings and scenely intertwinings. Gnod, who I first saw at Supersonic 2012, and Terminal Cheesecake are two of the best psychedelic groups ever to sprout from this landmass. Housewives top the global table, in this reporter’s opinion, for trance-inducing no wave that legit rocks. While Mésange (kosmiche prog meets chamber violin) and Vanishing Twin (analogue pop exotica blasted into space) deliver truth and beauty through sounds that defy definition.
Those are only five of several more acts I could have picked, to say nothing of the other globally-sourced belters on the bill. New Weird Britain is not, thank god, a vessel for patriotism or competition – more an effort to share the love for something happening under our collective nose.
New Weird Britain at Supersonic (according to Noel Gardner):
Terminal Cheesecake
Vanishing Twin


Friends of Supersonic: Supernormal + Fat Out


Our best times are made by those we share them with. That’s why Supersonic Festival is proud to be spending the weekend with some of our very good friends Supernormal and Fat Out, bringing the glitz, energy and fun that’ll keep you going over the jam packed weekend. 

We really are spoiling you this year, what with our stellar line-up and fantastic workshops for audiences to get involved with. On top of it all, we have some amazing additional activities hosted by our friends Supernormal and Fat Out that’ll make you want to let your hair down and rev you up in between acts.


Black Sabbath Karaoke

Market Place, 11-12:10 pm

Come all ye Children of the Grave, accept the challenge to embrace your inner Wizard, and sing your heart and lungs out to your fave Sabs anthem. Supernormal – the annual Oxfordshire festival enclave where the most otherworldly wonders of the underground converge – has been reaping minds and destroying larynxes with a regular karaoke session each year honouring the likes of Prince, Kate Bush and The Fall alike, and it seems only fitting that they should bring the Sabbathian version of this spectacle to Birmingham, the Home Of Metal and motherlode of all things Iommi-Butler-Osbourne-Ward. Moreover, we’ve enlisted the help of an unholy incarnation of both Ozzy and Sharon O. to host the ceremony. Satan’s coming round the bend, indeed.

SUPERNORMAL will be taking a break from their annual festival in the countercultural enclave of Braziers Park, Oxfordshire this year, so come see them in their down time during the Supersonic weekend.


Fat Out Nail/ Glitter Bar

Market Place, 8:00- 9:10 pm

Do you dream of a Lionel’s Tash or to reveal your third googley eye? Do you see your real self as Ozzy, The Mitchell brothers, a Polar Bear or Rihanna? Does your already beautiful face need a touch of glittery sparkle? Well you can live all of the above and so much more in ‘Fat Out’s One Stop Transformation Shop’. Come as you are. Leave as your your most fabulous party self, fully prepped to rip up any Supersonic dance floor! And if your band schedule is too militant to make a visit to our stall then look out for the Glitter police, doing on the spot makeovers so everyone can transform into their most party confident selves.


Remember to get your tickets in time! See you there…


Digbeth First Friday appearance: Digbrew


Don’t miss THIS FRIDAY’S #DFF! We have some right treats coming your way ahead of Supersonic Festival across Digbeth, including a very special sneak peek at our artist in residence Dennis McNett’s work at Digbrew and some supersonic ladies spinning some tunes over at Centrala.



Come join us at Dig Brew for Digbeth First Friday this June to catch a sneak peek of Supersonic artist in residence Dennis McNett’s work as we spin some tunes from 8 til late.

Combining design roots in traditional wood cuts with the raw high-energy imagery pouring out of the early 80’s skateboard and punk rock scene, Dennis has carved an intricate tribe of mythical entities and tales. His Wolfbat moniker, a symbol for rebellion against authority, brings to light our animalistic rituals, he brings to life our beasts.

As part of Digbeth First Friday MJM Bespoke will be opening their studio doors, welcoming visitors to come and see their new workspace. 



As if that weren’t enough, Vivid Project’s HER HORROR will host a preview with The Visceristahood as part of Digbeth First Friday.

Embrace your dark side and experience HER HORROR this June with Vivid Projects and Supersonic Festival. Expect a darkly ecstatic blend of ritual, body horror and transformation as we celebrate the bicentenary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein at this week’s Digbeth First Friday. Visceristahood (Kate Spence, Sarah Walden, Siân Macfarlane and Vicky Roden) will be performing a live soundtrack to their ‘Frankenfilm’; an assemblage of horrifying fragments in 4 movements. This will be followed by an exhibition starting 15 June featuring new work from each member of the Visceristahood- more info here.


Supersonic Recommends…


Three Models for Change- Exhibition Opening @ Centrala

In collaboration with Grand Union and the University of Birmingham, join us for the opening of ‘Three Models for Change’ as part of Digbeth First Friday on Friday 1 June, 6-9pm.

Three Models for Change is a group exhibition asserting the importance of historical awareness in establishing future potentials of communities. The works in this exhibition fluctuate between three actual and staged narratives: the formation of a fictional Quaker-punk band; the staging of cross-generational Queer histories; the uncertainty surrounding a newly formed volcanic island and its territorial disputes.

This exhibition includes existing work and new commissions by artists Chris Alton, Ian Giles and Greta Hauer.
Curated by Ryan Kearney, Alice O’Rourke and Ariadne Tzika.

Supersonic will also be spinning some tunes in the downstairs gallery- so come say hello!


Eastside Projects: Gallery Relaunch 
6–9pm Friday 1 June 2018

Please join us to test out another reality. Eastside Projects have been working on an artwork for ten years. We call it an artist-run multiverse. There is a building at 86 Heath Mill Lane, in Digbeth, Birmingham.

This is the gallery and the gallery is many things. And there are lots of people – artists, curators, designers, engineers, plumbers, policymakers, guests and all kinds of whatnots. Together we support and care for art, artists, our city of Birmingham, and the world. We are, after all, the public who make art.

And we all make and do all kinds of things – exhibitions, artists houses, door handles, billboards, walls, user’s manuals, curtains, puppet shows, station clocks, exploded tyres, World Tours, zombie movies, production spaces, warm sculptures, soap, performances with skateboarders. And myths of course…

All of these things are part of the artwork. A lot of love and care is put into the floors and walls, lights and sounds and, over time, as the layers accumulate, the gallery begins to tell stories too. But sometimes the multiverse doesn’t quite do what you expect, and one day the building tells an unexpected story and breaks down.

But, of course, the building isn’t Eastside Projects. We are Eastside Projects. And artworks change, fall apart and get put back together in new configurations.

We have been reimagining, reconfiguring and refitting the artwork … our home … the gallery that is many things … with the artists, curators, architects, designers and engineers, the rappers, electricians, policymakers, guests and all kinds of whatnots.

Another Reality awaits you. Everyone is welcome.


Yunohana Variations for Outlands Tour at Supersonic!


“Supersonic has had a longstanding relationship with multidisciplinary artist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe…He has proven time and time again that anything he puts his hand to will be extraordinary. We have no doubt that this collaboration with such accomplished artists as Yoshimio and Susie will be nothing short of awe inspiring.”– Lisa Meyer, Supersonic Festival


Three improvisational luminaries will be performing live together for the first time in the UK at Supersonic Festival before continuing on the second Outlands tour.



Multi-instrumentalist YoshimiO (Boredoms, OOIOO, SAICOBAB), avant-garde percussionist Susie Ibarra, and this year’s Supersonic guest curator – Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens). Will be sharing a stage in this truly inspired performance.


YoshimiO is a drummer and member of the revolutionary group Boredoms who also plays guitar, keyboard and trumpet. She is the leader of the experimental band OOIOO, a member of Free Kitten with Kim Gordon (ex. Sonic Youth), and most recently the vocalist in SAICOBAB – a quartet who blend ancient Indian musical traditions and instruments with electronics and modern sounds. She is widely known for her ability to improvise in a variety of contexts.


Susie Ibarra, is one of the most significant female percussionists and composers of our time, known for her work as a performer within contemporary, avant-garde, jazz, classical, and world music. Ibarra studied with jazz luminaries Earl Buster Smith (of Sun Ra Arkestra), Vernel Fournier and Milford Graves, and Philippine Kulintang gong-chime music with Danongan Kalanduyan.


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is strongly rooted in exploration of moments and the hypnagogic state. Movement and gesture play key factors within this process, and in the performance realm are focused on by voice and modular synthesizer. His work ranges from hypnotic solo modular synth and voice explorations as Lichens, to acting in films directed by artist Ben Rivers, composition for film and playing in legendary doom band Om.


The performance will explore spontaneous composition and showcase the freedom and musical immediacy of all three artists’ ability to interplay as well as their individual unique techniques to create engaging experimental sounds.

Experience this magical performance for yourself on the Sunday of Supersonic Festival!


Giant Swan Confirmed to round off Friday Line Up!


‘They’re not the first to approach techno from a hardcore punk sensibility, but their energy on stage is pushing them into a league of their own. Imagine Container and Alan Vega attempting a peak-time techno record, and you’re halfway to grasping the Giant Swan sound’ – Resident Advisor


Giant Swan have been confirmed for a right royal round off to Supersonic Festival’s Friday line-up.
They join Croww / Goat / Housewives / Moor Mother / The Ex / Wetware / + Ideas of Noise curated stage of experimental sounds from the Midlands



Vital players within Bristol’s Howling Owl collective and with strong ties to the city’s deep musical heritage, Giant Swan are a maelstrom of energy, bleeding between sonic movements that both obliterate and invigorate. The brainchild of Robin Stewart & Harry Wright; the two create an acerbic marriage of energised, aggressive dance music, quaking bass and hypnotic electronic noise. Building on a foundation of rhythmic tension and frenzied improvisation, no two performances are the same as the duo re-build and destroy their twisted vision of techno-not-techno over and over again.

The acclaimed release of the Earn 12″ on FuckPunk in 2016 confirmed them as one of the most exciting electronic acts to emerge in recent years, and this 2017’s EP on Timedance along with game changing performances at Villette Sonique, Berghain and Unsound Festival has taken things to a whole new level.



>> GET INVOLVED! << Supersonic Workshops



Our audiences are at the heart of what we do. That’s why we strive to give them experiences which get them closest to the things they love.

So whether you’re taking a breather between acts or an early bird with a free morning before starting, we have some exceptional workshops planned for you to get involved with! With those that aren’t drop in’s around the festival, information with how you can register your interest and book a place can be found below…



Saturday 12:00 – 1:30 (£7) BUY TICKETS
Sunday 12:00 – 1:30 with live soundtrack by AYN S0F Paddy from Gnod (£10) BUY TICKETS
Centrala | Unit 4 Minerva Works |  158 Fazeley St | Birmingham | B5 5RT
Spaces are limited and tickets must be purchased in advance

Great music is a synthesis between sound and silence . The greater the synthesis the deeper the music goes .The sound creates the silence and the silence creates the receptivity to receive sound . You become centred, rooted . The earth and sky meet. The body and soul are no longer separate They lose their definitions.

Do.omYoga is a slow vinyasa based yoga practice with a strong emphasis on connecting deeply connecting ‘passive postures’. Practiced alongside loud atmospheric Doom/ Drone/ Ambient/ Avant-garde/ Psychedelic music, the intensity of the music acts as a driving force invigorationg strength, yet at the same time complimenting the pace of the practice, unlocking the capacity to aid releasing tension and help sustain holding asana postures for longer through its emotive nature.

A selection of music from the slower, heavier, vibrational and at times ambient end of the music spectrum, acts and is chosen to serve as the ‘active’ principle balancing the energy of the practice into a harmonious integrated whole resulting in an immersive experience. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.




Sunday 5:30- 6:30 I Supersonic Market Place

PechaKucha is the snappy presentation format where speakers have just 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to get their point across. What started out in Tokyo is now in 900 cities across the world. Themes for PechaKuchas can include nearly anything, but for Supersonic we’re inviting you to share your music obsessions, record collections, sonic adventures and live experiences. That could mean your top 20 metal albums, rarest band memorabilia, best album sleeves, 20 heaviest riffs, backstage encounters or moments from your own band’s on-the-road anecdote repertoire. Surprise us! PechaKucha works best when audiences don’t know what’s coming.

It will be an informal set up – it’s all about the fun of sharing rather than a slick, rehearsed presentation.

Get in touch by emailing [email protected] with ‘PechaKucha’ in the title if you have an idea and we’ll just ask you for 20 slides in advance of the day (which will be the afternoon Sunday 24th June). Slides will be on a timer, so all you’ll need to do is talk along to the slides to a compact audience and we’ll do the rest.



Modern Ritual: Workshop

Sunday 24th June Supersonic Festival Workshop

Ahead of their performance on the Sunday evening, there is an opportunity for the audience to attend a free short participatory workshop and to take part in one of the new commissions, this piece is called:
Workshop Led by Charles Hayward & Laura Cannell

Make a mental list of the names of people you love, of neighbours and work colleagues, of friends far away, of long lost friends. We will move through different zones, vocal spaces, using these names as lyrics.

The Workshop 30 – 40 minutes

Participants will be invited to perform the piece as the finale of the evening [Modern Ritual] performance. Music by Charles & Laura.

Spaces are limited to 15 to book your place email [email protected] with ‘modernritual’ in the title




Saturday 12 pm- 4 pm

Sunday 12 pm – 4 pm

2018 is a monumental year for Supersonic. This June, we bring to the back streets of Digbeth the FIRST EVER major project in the UK from prolific artist, Dennis Mcnett. Our Artist in Residence, Dennis will produce a NEW large-scale work to embody the beating heart of this year’s festival, using Supersonic musicians and audience alike.

Work alongside Dennis and help bring the Supersonic beast to life! You will be creating a series of large-scale masks and costumes that will form part of our procession- the heart of this year’s festival.


It’s easy to be cynical in this world. For me, it’s not always easy to walk through life with positivity and try to offer that positivity back to the world. I find it fun and effective to offer it with characters, story telling, collaboration, made-up myth and meditation.” Dennis Mcnett.


Conjurer of the colossal, Dennis doesn’t just exhibit work in galleries, he parades it down the street. Sculpting full scale temples or engineering viking ships inspired by Norse mythology to cruise through New York City. Birthing a 16ft puppet operated by 20 people in elaborate masks with costumed dancers and caterwauling musicians. Whatever the setting, the results are astounding.

Combining design roots in traditional wood cuts with the raw high-energy imagery pouring out of the early 80’s skateboard and punk rock scene, Dennis has carved an intricate tribe of mythical entities and tales. His Wolfbat moniker, a symbol for rebellion against authority, brings to light our animalistic rituals, he brings to life our beasts.

Limited to 15 people
Book your place by emailing [email protected] with ‘dennis_masks’ in the title




Saturday 5 pm – 6:30 pm Supersonic Market Place


From  the  strange  and  abnormal,  to  the  beautiful  and  repulsive,  Deviation  aims  to  give people  the  chance  to  experience  drawing  models,  environments,  situations  and  installations  which  offer  different  and  interesting  shapes,  textures  and  lighting  that  aren’t  usually encountered  within  a  normal  life  drawing  class.



Saturday 8 pm – 9:10 pm Supersonic Market Place


Do you dream of a Lionel’s Tash or to reveal your third googley eye? Do you see your real self as Ozzy, The Mitchell brothers, a Polar Bear or Rihanna? Does your already beautiful face need a touch of glittery sparkle? Well you can live all of the above and so much more in ‘Fat Out’s One Stop Transformation Shop’. Come as you are. Leave as your your most fabulous party self, fully prepped to rip up any Supersonic dance floor! And if your band schedule is too militant to make a visit to our stall then look out for the Glitter police, doing on the spot makeovers so everyone can transform into their most party confident selves.




Sunday 3 pm – 7 pm Supersonic Market Place


In addition to their spot within the festival Market Place, Shelanu will also be running a stamped key ring workshop. Come along to decorate your own copper key ring with your favourite bands or Supersonic memories.



Sunday 3 pm – 7 pm, Supersonic Market Place


Spinal Tappers

A Percussive Instrument workshop by Juneau Projects

Join this drop-in workshop with Juneau Projects to create your own wooden percussion instrument to use as part of Dennis McNett’s procession piece. Select an instrument shape from a range of animal-based designs created by Juneau Projects and then assemble and customise it to create your very own unique ‘Spinal Tapper’.

Limited edition badge

Juneau Projects have created a range of lasercut badge designs to allow you to build and customise your own unique wooden badge.




Saturday 12:00 – 1:30 (£7) BUY TICKETS
Sunday 12:00 – 1:30 with live soundtrack by AYN S0F Paddy from Gnod (£10) BUY TICKETS
Centrala | Unit 4 Minerva Works |  158 Fazeley St | Birmingham | B5 5RT
Spaces are limited and tickets must be purchased in advance

Great music is a synthesis between sound and silence . The greater the synthesis the deeper the music goes .The sound creates the silence and the silence creates the receptivity to receive sound . You become centred, rooted . The earth and sky meet. The body and soul are no longer separate They lose their definitions.


Do.omyoga is a deeply connecting , meditative and immersive experience.

A slow vinyasa dynamic-restorative yoga practice soundtracked to atmospheric doom/drone/ ambient /psychedelic vibrations takes you higher and brings you deeper. Music from the heavier and slower end of the music spectrum acts as the driving force invigoration strength at the same time helps aid releasing tension by helping to hold postures ‘Passively” for longer through its emotive nature .

Equal focus us placed on Mantra , Asana, Pranayama breathing culminating in Meditation for a holistic YOGA practice.

Prepare to be wrapped in a sonic blanket on Saturday as they take you on an inward journey to another dimension soundtracked to a playlist of heavy music.

Do.omyoga will also run a very special LIVE session on Sunday with special guest AYN S0F ( PADDY GNOD)


NO experience needed – ALL LEVELS WELCOME



Supersonic Presents: Dorcha, Rattle, Adrena Adrena



Supersonic Presents…
Dorcha (single release show)
Adrena Adrena
TICKETS £6 in adv. £7 otd



Dorcha are a genre-fluid 5 piece band of synths, strings, electronics and heavy beats. A dynamic, versatile group with a refusenik attitude, Dorcha obsess over transporting listeners to a pool of shifting, nearly gothic, barely pop, experimental songwriting. Praised by the likes of BBC Radio 6’s Stuart Maconie on the Freak Zone, 2017 saw further progression in Dorcha’s recognition, with a live performance on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction, appearances at Flatpack Film Festival, Supernormal, Supersonic Festival and more. This May the band launch a brand new single from the forth-coming album set for release later this year. Bubbling with a new energy, this home-town show will be one not to be missed!

“Dorcha already know their own collective mind and are starting to channel a genre defying path through the increasingly fractured musical landscape. They deliver original and ambitious ideas with attitude and commitment, combining their considerable aptitude as players with an impressive musical sensibility. They clearly enjoy what they do. In Anna Palmer they have a tenacious front woman whose ability to move convincingly from sweet song to dark folk to visceral noise is captivating. Dorcha are a tight, grounded, self assured band delivering solid ideas that demand some attentive listening.” – Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3.



RATTLE are Katharine Eira Brown and Theresa Wrigley. Rattle began as an experiment in crafting rich songs and melody using only drums and voice. Their music weaves and intertwines post-punk, minimalism and experimental rock, through off-kilter rhythms, patterns and counter melodies. Their debut album, ‘Rattle’ (via Upset The Rhythm and I Own You Records) led to invitations to support Animal Collective on a short UK tour and The Julie Ruin on their European tour. Their live performances, at once hypnotic, monastic and danceable entranced audiences in the UK, Spain, Belgium and Ireland in 2017. The band have just completed their second album in their home town of Nottingham, UK due for release later this year. Rattle will join Protomartyr on their UK tour in May 2018.


Adrena Adrena is a collaboration between visual artist Daisy Dickinson and drummer E-Da Kazuhisa, previously the drummer of the Japanese noise band Boredoms and currently British electronic/post-rock band Seefeel (Rephlex, Warp Records).
The duo cut a raw blend of drums, noise and organic visual work, featuring in their performances an eight foot white sphere that hangs above Kazuhisa’s drum kit and which Dickinson maps videos on to; her work was described by William Barns-Graham of Fluid Radio as ‘cosmological and transcendental, drawing attention to the wonder of the earth and our sensuality on it’.


Supersonic Presents is brought to you by the curators of Supersonic Festival, “The best European festival for new music” (The Quietus) happening in Digbeth, Birmingham June 22nd – 24th 2018.
Weekend tickets on sale now!!


Joasihno is psychedelic machine music


“The mechanical influence is apparent from the start… like a robot recycled from the remnants of a steel drum who yearns to play the electro-harp for Cluster “ – Playground mag


“I always have a spatial vision of music” says Cico Beck, the heart of electro plaything Joasihno. Sitting in his basement studio among self-made synthesizers, records and weird instruments, he points at a tiny robot beating an electronic drum: “That’s one of my new musicians”.



Psychedlic machine music from Munich, Cico Beck (Aloa Input, the Notwist) and Nico Sierig have manifested a stunning electronic set up with the assistance of a “robot orchestra”. Switching between analogue synths, world percussion instruments and computer programming, Joasihno’s sound rings inspiration from many great experimental pioneers- from Mort Garson and the melancholy of Kraut Electronica, to Moondog and the patterns of Steve Reich. Beck’s brave experimentation has brought Joasihno into ambitious, unusual terrain.

These guys are experts in contemporary beat making, playing with a variety of sounds that build from minimalist wobble to expertly layered mixtures of electro twinkles, soothing synth chords and warm oscillations.

Expect a set with a krautrock pulse, fuzzy distortion and wordless exhalations. Get a taste for them in action below, and experience them live this June.



#2 Supersonic 5 Song Friday- Outlands Special


A VERY special Supersonic 5 Song Friday in honour of tonight’s #SupersonicPresents event as part of Outlands, the UK’s new touring network of experimental music. Advance tickets available here! £12 on door.

Matana Roberts I Kelly Jayne Jones I MX World I Sean Clancy



group A: An electro beast of it’s own


“Nomadic noise pop due Group A blend performance art and DIY post-punk in defiance of economic constraints” – The Wire


Japanese avant-garde synth wave duo group A was formed in 2012 by Tommi Tokyo (synthesizers, vocals, percussion) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, cassette tapes). Projected by what Sayaka claims to be an expression of anger, their early shows came as a shock to most spectators: intensely emotional poetry readings and nude live-paintings meeting non-stop waves of noise.



Since then the duo have grown into a beast of their own, as exemplified in their recent release with Mannequin Records late last year. While their mixture of synth heavy minimal wave, avant noise, striking visuals and performance art continues to grow- particularly in their resonance of the times and the experimental scene- there still carries the very breath of early industrial pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire. Sharing bills with artists such as Acid Mother Temple, Merzbow, Nisennenmondai, Phew and Melt Banana, the duo coolly whip up electrical storms with their clanking beats and  swooping violin and vocals. Their play on aesthetic through costume is similarly a truly unique part of the duo’s identity as enigmatic, one-of-a-kind performers, with their live shows being nothing if not visual: tag-team action painting, wraparound projections and mixed media experimental stagewear ranging from knobbly white bodystockings to shredded-newspaper suits to barely dressed at all.



Their approach to djing is similar to how they make music, creating and mixing completely different sounds which juxtapose and play to Tommi and Sayaka’s individual, contrasting tastes. Group A are, above all else, creators of uniqie palette’s of sound, combining industrial/minimal synth/rhythmic noise with contemporary classical music to soundtracks from 60-80’s films.

Their influential experimental DJ-set at Atonal Berlin ’16 and mixtape for Brvtalist can all be found on Soundcloud

Watch their Boiler Room Berlin live set below, and catch them in June @ #SSFest2018.



GOAT (JP): Meticulous makers of Dark Sound


“It’s minimal techno without the electronics, performed with jaw-dropping precision, and this is Goat.”– Japan Times


Whilst drummer Tetsushi Nishikawa pounds out a straight, brutal pulse on drums, Akihiko Ando- practically contorting into his saxophone- plays free, atonal drones that squeeze between the pounding bass drum. The remaining two musicians, Atsumi Tagami and Koshiro Hino, play bass and guitar respectively, radically deviating from the typical tropes of their instruments in a synergised harmonic picking.

This is Goat, Japanese avant-garde group and meticulous makers of dark sound.



Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Goat challenge the typical rock-band set up with their unique, intricate approach to minimalism, prioritising pure percussive sound over melodic content. After going through a reshape in early 2017 with a new lineup, they have moved on to build compositions that explore rhythmic aspect even further, centering on intertwining patterns of repetitive rhythms and bringing audiences into a trance like fatigue. Utilising harmonics outside standard tonality along with clever muting, Goat craft complex, driven, forceful compositions which are both urban and tribal at the same time- their percussion, for example, comprising of a bass drum, snare and hi-hat with a muted bass for every string to hit with a punch.

Their sound is miles apart from that of other rock bands. They apply their talents to a creative body that is truly unique, and at the heart of this body is 30-year-old Hino, an established staple in Osaka’s experimental music scene through his involvement with similarly avant-garde act Bonanzas, techno project YPY and as a touring member of internationally renowned noise act Boredoms. It is Hino’s approach that stresses the importance of rhythm over melodic and harmonic content. The overall effect of this approach conjures up a state that is stoic and unsympathetic, yet one which fundamentally strips away all but a grittier, honest sound.


Perhaps the foreboding darkness growing from their music is a reflection of the times. In conversation with Japan Times Hino shares his expressive view that he feels “a large amount of dissatisfaction and uncertainty facing Japan currently…I think we need more than basic improvements, we need to implement drastic reforms.”

“There’s no doubt that the rage and uncertainty I feel toward the current state of society influences my music,” he says. “I can’t put it concretely, but it’s possible that moving forward my style and methods will start to reflect these thoughts more clearly.”


Goat’s performance at Supersonic is sure to be an unmissable one. Get a taste for their meticulous style below. SUPERSONIC TICKETS HERE



Wall of Noise: Deaf Kids


“This havoc machine hails straight from Brazilian lands, wielding a harsh mixture of vicious d-beat, abrasive sludgey guitars and walls of noise.”– Obscene Extreme


Brazil’s Deaf Kids are a band bouyed by momentum. Their sound is a ceaseless culmination of noise terror: waves of repetition, raw dis-chords, dissonant riffs. Think a brutal blend of hardcore punk, metal, experimental noise, and a pumping rhythmic vein with its roots in African and Indian polyrhythm and a love for the traditional sounds of their native Brazil and Latin America.

It is a guttural, scorched mutation of psychedelia – although using the term psychedelic in the absolute loosest sense with the band claiming that “non-genre genres” are a chief source of inspiration. Anything from their own background in punk, right the way through to spiritual jazz, they celebrate practically any form of sound which allows the artist to experiment with the utter extremes of musical expression.

A response to a festering, corrupt government by forming a blackened d-beat/crust band, frontman and chief songwriter Dvglas sparked Deaf Kids as a solo project back in 2010, aged 17. With the growth of the group as has it’s focus, moving away from D-Beat in an incorporation of auxiliary and connection to different rhythms and the psychedelic realm.


“I think that music is really powerful, it’s my guide. We have all these crazy ideas, of wanting to be different and to surprise people, I want to mix things up and see what happens, and I have things to say, socially and politically.” – Dvglas of Deaf Kids, The Quietus


Although their sound isn’t new, it strives to be different. Their unique melting of sounds and influences is evident alone in their vast discography, yet there is far more to Deaf Kids than their defiance of genre. Their blending and reworking of international sounds- deep South American tradition with African roots- says a lot about the realities of being Brazilian, and the region’s potted colonial past. Certainly, toward the start of the project their was a gear toward recognising social inequality, yet the lyrics and music have progressed over the years to address both the outer and inner self, turning into a more reflective process.

Their music has been on a head spinning journey which has led them to the multi-faceted and dazzling Configuração do Lamento. The album, a kaleidoscopic 23 minutes lurching from gut-wrenching squalls of guitar to soul-consuming extensions of rhythm, has been released Neurot label, and promises the listener a riotous sound combined with trance-inducing cacophony and a body-shaking mix of percussive rhythms and bending guitars. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



The Totemic Shirley Collins


“Collins’ reappearance is remarkable in itself; more remarkable still is that she seems to have re-emerged with her powers undimmed.”– The Guardian


The story behind the 38 year hiatus, from which Shirley Collins has returned, is a tragic tale of treachery straight out of a ballad. Following the betrayal of her husband the legendary folk singer dramatically lost her voice on stage in the late 70’s, dropping from the burgeoning UK folk scene when diagnosed with dysphonia.

Though Shirley Collins (MBE) has been absent from the music scene for many years, her impact as a legendary folk singer and beloved, respected song collector has not diminished. Her return to the studio and stage bears the same stark strangeness that made her early work so powerful, with a tone that is strikingly confident and uncompromising.



One of the most striking voices of British folk music from the 1950s through the ’70s, she helped pave the way for younger musicians by blending folk with jazz and rock. In London during the 1960s Collins soared in influence when recording albums with her sister Dolly and guitarist Davey Graham. She took her unadorned way of singing and paired it with instruments from the Renaissance- later with electric guitars in the band she formed with her second husband, Ashley Hutchings.

Collins eventually wrote a book about her travels with Alan Lomax on their folk song collecting trip around the Southern states of America, a book which she toured, giving dramatised talks about the pair’s experiences and the English folk tradition. With the promise of working in her own home, surrounded by anticipating sympathetic ears, Collins undertook recordings for her latest release Lodestar on Domino Records.


“You know, it’s honest singing, ’cause I can’t do it any other way. I just have to do what I do.”- Shirley Collins for NPR


The album may paint a picture of a cold, brutal world, but the flashes of festivity and limpid beauty shine on from her years in the blossoming UK folk scene. As comedian Stewart Lee said- dedicated fan and one of the first to hear the new album- “Her voice has changed…but it has gained a lot, in some ways, in sort of character.”

And that is the essence of Shirley Collins’ music. Her songs have come full circle, with her experiences in between gifting her the ability to fully inhabit these songs and their meaning. She is signature of what her musical tradition is all about: the experiences of lives lived and the stories they tell.


In late 2017 a biopic was screened and released on the singer’s life. The Ballad of Shirley Collins is a poetic response to the life and times of this icon, made by Rob Curry and Tim Pester over 3-and-a-half-years.

Watch the teaser below to be introduced to this totemic musical figure, AND MAKE SURE YOU SEE HER LIVE AT SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL THIS JUNE.



Supersonic – 5 song Friday







“…blasts of caustic nu-metal noise deconstructions capture a kind of intense outsider psychosis.”- Crack Magazine


If you heard his mind-boggling debut last year- made entirely of Slipknot samples- you would know that Croww is not for the faint-hearted. In his own words, the four crushing tracks make up a “part mixtape, part imaginary soundtrack”, and reflect a process of painstakingly melding, dissecting and assembling in uchronic form a defeating collection of sounds.


Prosthetics, 2017


Croww has turned Slipknot’s cultural cadaver into a polysemous mutant that works as a brutalist DJ tool, something which, in an age swamped by either populism clones or nostalgia, boldly expresses the artist’s individuality in an important.

Emerging from the outer-regions of South Manchester, the same scene as the likes of Willow and Turinn, Croww’s sound pecks at the corpses of Black Metal, Flashcore and DnB, whilst also touching on extremities of Grindcore and hyper-modern Rap instrumentals in a way which alternates the pop and subcultural phenomena of the past twenty years.

Part club, part metal, part horror score: the  Croww will transform the stage at Supersonic Festival this year as Robert Aiki Lowe’s guest curation.




Wetware: Alive in disorientation


“…a hallucinatory evocation of both noise and dance traditions, a lovely nightmare from which you won’t soon wake up.” – Noisey 


New York duo Wetware are key reminders of New York’s long history of dance music and confrontational performance. It’s something which is immediately clear in their music. The feeling and influences that infects the Brooklyn-based duo – whether it be taken from within the late 70’s No Wave canon projections through venues like the Mudd Club or the downtown avant-garde galleries- allows Wetware’s overall being as a cohesive and confrontational unit as enigmatic as it is familiar.

Their live shows offer all sorts of barely human vocalisations– humming, murmuring, and alternate bleating– combined with a swell of abstract crackles and broken down drum parts which whirl around the stage. With the requisite accompaniment of strobes and fog, Wetware’s perfromance is transportive, taking the audience into another realm where language is unsettled but everything is incredibly, unspeakably loud.



Formed in 2015, Wetware eased into its performative role with their live shows around their home city. Vocalist Roxy Farman stole audience’s attention immediately, using her body in tandem with her voice as a weaponized vehicle for the band’s anxiety filled performance. The synergy that has developed between Farman and electronic counterpart Matthew Morandi has been explosive.

The music they’ve released over the last few years has been similarly snowblinding. Starting from 2016’s self-titled tape on Primitive Languages, they’ve endeavoured upon a uniquely unsettled exploration between noise music and the dancefloor, their live antics and behavior causing alarm amongst local audiences, something which has branded Wetware the group to “not be missed”.


See their live performance at Trans-Pecos New York, AND CATCH THEM AT SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL 2018 as guest curations of Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe. TICKETS HERE








+ We are THRILLED to announce that part of Supersonic 2018 will be taking place in the festival’s spiritual home of the Custard Factory, in the cultural hub of Digbeth in Birmingham. We’re excited to share this adapted space with those in attendance, certain that it will bring back fond memories to those who have been before, as well as offering an exciting new space to first-timers.



This year, we are hugely excited about hosting artist DENNIS MCNETT‘s first major project in the UK as our artist-in-residence. In collaboration with a number of the musicians and audience members at the festival, Dennis McNett will create a large-scale procession, where the art will become performance as the event unfolds. Supersonic shall also play host to the first UK premier of a brand new GAZELLE TWIN album, and welcomes the debut UK performance Toronto based film composer MARK KORVEN (The Witch) on a new instrument specialising in creating horrifying sounds: The Apprehension Engine. With ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE as guest curator, his collaborative performance of YUNOHANA VARIATIONS (along with SUSIE IBARRA and YOSHIMIO of Boredoms/OOIOO) will also be a UK first.


Nik Void 


MOOR MOTHER and NIK VOID (FACTORY FLOOR) will not only perform at Supersonic this year, but will also be the artists-in-residence in the MOOGSOUND LAB. Supersonic are delighted to welcome veteran musicians SHIRLEY COLLINS and THE EX to perform, the latter will also be leading the SUPERSONIC KID’S GIG this year.



We have partnered with The Quietus (who are celebrating their tenth year) to select a new wave of underground musicians, sound artists, producers and bands to perform, who create immersive worlds for their audiences to participate in. These include; UKAEA, the bizarre electro k-pop from TRIKILATOPS, MESANGE the collaboration between violinist Agathe Max (Kuro) and guitarist Luke Mawdsley (Mugstar/Cavalier Song) and MODERN RITUAL, featuring solo sets from acclaimed musicians Charles Hayward (This Heat), Laura Cannell and Hoofus (André Bosman), new sound performance/talks from writer/researchers Jennifer Lucy Allan and Luke Turner and a new collaboration between all of the artists.

Jennifer Walshe

Other new additions to the line up include the crushing, cataclysmic new protest music from GNOD, from South Africa, the sonic and stylistic savant ANGEL-HO, CATTLE, OLANZA, YOUTH MAN who create a thrilling wrecking-ball of a live show, subversive composer JENNIFER WALSHE, and TOMAGA who shall perform a live soundtrack to Kenneth Anger’s 1966 occult classic film from his Magick Lantern Cycle. We also welcome the sizzling, stifling and ever so slightly ear-scraping YERBA MANSA, a must for any lover of untamed guitars, THE DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA, featuring Maurice Louca (Alif, Bikya), Sam Shalabi (Land of Kush, Shalabi Effect) and Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, The Invisible Hands, Alvarius). And last but by no means least, CONNECTED DEVICES, the working title of a modular mechanical musical instrument that artists Sam Underwood and Graham Dunning are designing and building. Somewhere between a giant music box and an obsolete knitting machine, it will play rhythm and drone as a two-player semi-autonomous instrument. We are delighted to announce that it will be unveiled in a debut performance at Supersonic Festival.



Croww / Goat (Jp) / Housewives / Moor Mother / The Ex / Wetware
+ Ideas of Noise stage featuring a feast of experimental sounds from the Midlands and beyond

Gazelle Twin UK premier of new material
Angel-Ho / Andrea Belfi / Cattle / Connected Devices – Sam Underwood + Graham Dunning / Deaf Kids / Faka / Jennifer Walshe / Joasihno / Mario Batkovic  / Nik Void / Terminal Cheesecake / The Dwarfs of East Agouza Vanishing Twin / Yerba Mansa / Youth Man / Yves Tumor

Shirley Collins
Yunohana Variations –  YoshimiO (Boredoms, OOIOO) + Susie Ibarra + Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens)
Daniel Higgs /  Gnod / Group A /  Mark Korven – composer of The Witch  / Mésange / Modern Ritual – Laura Cannell + Charles Hayward / Olanza
Tomaga live soundtrack to Kenneth Angers ‘Lucifer Rising’ / Trikilatops / Wolves In The Throne Rooms / UKAEA
Dennis McNett procession
+ talks/workshops/installations + much more throughout the weekend







Gazelle Twin shares the first taste of her upcoming album, ‘Pastoral’, with her new single Hobby Horse. 

The track is the first to be unveiled and will be exclusively premiered live at Supersonic Festival this June. The song is to be released June 22nd, one day ahead of it’s performance, via Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, the label co-founded by Elizabeth Bernholz, the genius behind Gazelle Twin.

The album will follow later this year. “Pastoral is an album that juggles British identities,” Bernholz explains. “A musing on how a sordid past becomes ‘quaint’… and that there is horror in every Idyll.”

Give it a listen here!








Capsule’s internationally renowned festival runs 22th-24th June 2018 and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved as a volunteer.

Supersonic has secured its experimental reputation with consistently innovative and explosive concoctions of visual installations, films, exhibitions and music. Guaranteed to open your eyes and ears to music and art outside the predictable genre labels and familiar performance spaces.

You will be part of an ever growing, friendly community of music and art lovers helping to maintain the values of bringing the extraordinary to curious audiences in an all inclusive way. This is will be an invaluable experience into how a festival runs but not only that, you’ll be contributing to something truly Superspecial whilst making friends along the way!

We need a dedicated team of volunteers to help deliver Supersonic over the festival weekend (22nd -24th June) and also in the run up to the festival (early June onwards).

  • We would like every volunteer to commit to 15 hours over the weekend
  • Volunteers must be over 18 years old

This year we are on the lookout for people for the following roles:

Artist Liason / Box Office / Hospitality / Site Set up / Merch / Promotion

If you are interested in being involved – please fill out the application form [here]