Yoga: Feminine Blood Roots

Sat 13th March 2021


Live Stream via Zoom
Saturday 13 March 2021,11:00 GMT

25% of ticket cost will be donated to RSVP, the rape & sexual violence project.

Do.omyoga returns to Supersonic to harness the divine feminine energy of Shakti within you.  


Join Do.omyoga’s Kamelliaas she celebrates women in music with an all-female playlist including her own sonic experiments. Expect a 60-minute Mantra for aexploration of the self through sound, movement and meditation. Through the use of the passive female principle of the universe you will release and relax in this session by becoming as soft as water and one with sound and silence. Nurturing, intuitive, introverted, slow, floor based long hold postures will create space to receive and balance the energy of the body mind 


  • All you need to do is breathe. 
  • All levels are welcome (suitable for all, beginners encouraged, no experience needed) 
  • Set up your yoga mat anywhere comfortable in your home 
  • Wear comfortable moveable clothing – nothing too tight or too lose 
  • Bring a small cushion and small blanket – not essential but recommended 



The history of women-led Yoga…  

Yoga is for everybody and every BODY. However, this was not always the case, women were not allowed to practice yoga until the past century. But women have been gurus, healers, yoginis, and Goddesses since the beginning of time. 

Today the majority of yoga practitioners are women. Why are women still practicing a form of yoga developed by men, only for men? 


Evidence is uncovering an ancient female centered yoga practice that preceded the Vedic yogis by thousands of years. Yogini’s gathered at feasts to play “cymbals, bells, and tambourines and danced within a halo of light and a cloud of incense.” Within this nocturnal congregation, “a circle of yoginis feasted, performed rituals, taught, and inspired one another”. They sang “songs of realization” regaling one another “with spontaneous songs of deep spiritual insight.”. According to Tantric scholar Vikki Nobel in what she calls the “female blood roots” of yoga suggests there was a widespread female-centered communal yoga practice dating from the upper Paleolithic and Neolithic times.

The magical potency of Tantra was transmitted by a female line “power-holders” – a mysterious sect of women called the Vratyas – and they were not an isolated case.  Taoist Yoginis from China and Dakinis from Tibet were also powerful spiritual teachers, giving empowerments and initiations.Female Tantrics were called by many names, Dakinis (woman who flies) Vidyadharim (knowledge-holder) Vira (heroine) but the most common term was Yogini (keeper of the occult secrets) 


She – shakti is the colossal force, who supports the biologic, psychic and mental processes of the human being. She manifests through the laws of nature as life itself, though attitudes and frames of mind. Everything that is movement, consequently life itself is the action of shakti, the cosmic mother who embraces all.