BANDCAMP FRIDAY: remixes from Brum

the band Hoopla Blue sit on steps outside their gig
Once more, Bandcamp waivers its fees on the first Friday of the month in support of musicians during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This means 100% of profits go to straight to Bandcamp artists for 24hrs, many of which have had tours, festivals and shows cancelled. We want to use this opportunity to champion once more artists a little closer to home – the Midlands born/bred/based, and those on the peripherals, we are proud of our local music scene! Now more than ever, it’s important that we keep it local and nurture our communities.


What better way to show your solidarity and support by purchasing some music? This time we recommend to you Hoopla Blue’s community remix album ‘RE:planted’.


‘RE:planted’ features a hearty buffet of some of Hoopla Blue‘s favourite fellow Brummie artists, some of which are no strangers to Supersonic line-ups. Each bring their own sonic revision together for this remix of the band’s debut album ‘Pl(^)nted’ which was released during the first 2020 national lockdown – an album that explored themes of settlement and identity.


Featuring remixes by Arc Vel, Man Kato, Limpid, Hate People, MATTERS, Percy Vear, Fridge Poetry, Flamingo Flame, Blue Ruth, Simple Eyyes and sunnk, alongside 12 original and intimate pieces of art by Lewes Herriot, ‘RE:planted’ is a response to life in lockdown – a coming together, a battening of the hatches and a loving appreciation of our home: Birmingham.




01. Swoon (Arc Vel Remix)

02. Houseplant (Man Kato Remix)

03. A Gnome (Limpid Remix)

04. Mischievous Gallery (Hate People Remix)

05. Walking in Tongue (MATTERS Remix)

06. Scour (Percy Vear Remix)

07. Powerplant (Fridge Poetry Remix)

08. Fire Alarm (Flamingo Flame Remix)

09. Sa(sea)lt (Blue Ruth Remix)

10. Wildflower (Simple Eyyes Remix)

11. W.A.S.P (sunnk Remix)