Sofasonic Playlist: J. Zunz

Throughout the year, as part of our extended Sofasonic Festival celebrations, we’re releasing an array of playlists on Spotify that have been carefully curated by artists & friends of the festival for your listening pleasure!


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J. Zunz, the new solo project of Mexico’s Lorena Quintanilla, is purely hypnotic. Within a thick atmosphere of an experimental post-punk sound, she uses wonky synths and creates haunting melodies that shine through cold repetitions. Ahead of this Friday’s third panel talk ‘Sounding Out Intersectionality’ we asked Lorena to pull together a collection of tracks that got her through 2020.


‘Hibiscus’, Lorena’s second release under the moniker J. Zunz was released last year via Rocket Recordings. It’s the sonic result of a metamorphic process whereby the minimal is rendered maximal and the personal fused with the political. You may remember her single video ‘Four Women & Darkness‘ was premiered at our online Sofasonic Festival last summer in the Rocket takeover!


“These are some of the sounds that helped me get through the year. I have been very lucky to see some of these artists live. The dreamy and relaxing shows of José Orozco Mora, the fierce techno of Adiós Mundo Cruel and the incredibly dense dark ocean noise of Concepción Huerta have been shows that have become part of me.

I also added two different projects (Interspecifics and Microhm) from Leslie García, one of the most inspiring and prolific musicians that I know. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get transformed by the amazing experience of live music again.



Tune in here…


Some more info about this Friday’s panel…


Supersonic x Swamp present… Sounding Out Intersectionality
Friday 15 January 2021, 19:30 GMT
Live stream via YouTube

+ Q&A

Together with Swamp Booking, we’re delighted to share with you the third instalment of the series entitled ‘Sounding Out Intersectionality’ on Friday.

This time, we hear from Stephanie Phillips (Big Joanie, co-founder of Decolonise Fest), Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum) and Lorena Quintanilla aka J. Zunz. Hosted by journalist, Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley.

During this talk we’re aiming to explore intersectionality from the perspective of the musician, learning from these three formidable artists how their experiences converge, impact and informs their creative output.