Blue Ruth announces debut EP ‘Mausoleum’

Released: Saturday 3rd July 2021


Through a distorted cacophony of sound, Blue Ruth presents their debut EP ‘Mausoleum’; part-fiction, part-abstract stories, scribbled down from a morbid vision of their Birmingham hometown.  


Synth based, blown out and sickly – it’s a shut-in’s death disco of disfigured beats and fried industrial tones.”
– Echoes & Dust

“almost like a Gazelle Twin fronted Godflesh
The Quietus


Six of Blue Ruth’s thundering tracks will be released exclusively on the newly re-formed Supersonic Recordings – a label championing the best in experimental and genre-bending music for the ears of curious audiences. The EP will be available as a limited-edition batch of 150 tape cassettes and as part of a T-shirt Bundle – all featuring artwork by Supersonic designer David Hand.


Utilising second-hand hardware, Blue Ruth’s musical ingenuity pulls from their background of performing in guitar-heavy bands Youth Man and Pretty Grim. Dropping the guitars for layers, upon layers of distortion pedals stacked on cheap keyboards, their striking debut output ‘Mausoleum’ oozes an utterly human sound. At it’s core, this is noisy, synth led, electronic, industrial music, where glitchy club beats and semi-improvised melodies transport us to a dystopian party that never ends.
Pre-order the Cassette Tape + T Shirt bundle here for £22.00


Pre-order the T Shirt + digital download here for £15.00


Just the digital download is available here for £5.00



Listen to preview:


  1. Almost Gone
  2. John Wick
  3. Freshhh
  4. Mausoleum
  5. Pure
  6. Wide Eyes


Blue Ruth will be launching ‘Mausoleoum’ with a *sold out* live show at Centrala on Saturday 3rd July in collaboration with Supersonic Festival as part of Centrala’s #AllSystemsGo series.