All our Sofasonic Playlists so far! Tune in…

Thank you to everyone that tuned in over the weekend for Sofasonic Festival, as part of our extended Sofasonic celebrations we’re releasing an array of playlists on Spotify that have been carefully curated by artists & friends of the festival for your listening pleasure. 


Being a music fan can be a bit overwhelming these days – via the big wide web, almost all recorded music in history is accessible, so it can often be quite tricky to navigate the sheer wealth of sound that’s out there! By reaching out to our Supersonic artists and friends we discover the undiscovered, we get an insight into their influences and start to piece together the inspirations behind the music & art we know and love. So here we hand over to our guest playlists, from experimentalist Gazelle Twin, percussionists Valentina Magaletti and Mariano Sarine to visuals artist Mark Titchner and punks of colour, Decolonise Fest – there is something for everyone here!

We have 16 so far, and they’re all available to listen to below – so whether you’re walking the pooch, having a lazy day or doing some DIY this bank holiday, we’ve got the perfect selections for you…


Valentina Magaletti

Radwan Moumneh

Sex Swing

Rocket Recordings

Matt Ridout

Mike Nelson

Molly & Mabel


Mariano Sarine

Gazelle Twin

Faten Kanaan

Mark Titchner

Iggor Cavalera

Khyam Allami

Decolonise Fest

Sofa King



For more info about the playlists and the artists that curated them, explore here:

| Radwan MoumnehMark Titchner | QUEEF | Gazelle TwinMatt RidoutKhyam Allami | Molly & MabelDecolonise Fest | Rocket Recordings | Mike Nelson | Faten Kanaan | Iggor Cavalera | Valentina Magaletti | Sex Swing | Mariano Sarine