Barn Owl confirmed for Supersonic 2010


A very special performance has been announced for the intimate Theatre Space.

Barn Owl will be performing a special AV set, using experimental film pieces to add an extra visual layer to the performance.

About the band:

Evan Caminiti (guitars, vocals) and Jon Porras (guitars, vocals, drums, harmonium) met in San Francisco in 2006 and immediately started playing music together. Over the next four years, the two gradually sculpted a vast collection of hazy desert sky meditations – ominous, barren expanses of music for desert walks at dusk, and dark, pastoral passages embellished with psychedelic and atmospheric wash. Engaging throughout, every moment contributes to an overall feeling of mysterious desert expanse and a sonic narrative that unfurls like a cinematic metaphysical western.

Several releases on labels such as Root Strata, Digitalis, Not Not Fun, Blackest Rainbow and Important Records with a new album “Ancestral Star” coming out on Thrill Jockey.

Tickets on sale online:

Or locals can get them from

Polar Bear – York Road, Kings Heath


Swordfish – Temple Street, City Centre


Supersonic volunteers – we need you!


Supersonic needs YOU!

Capsule’s internationally renowned festival runs 22nd to 24th October 2010 and there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. The festival is small enough for everyone involved to gain not just an overview of how the festival works, but to give real value and be part of a dynamic team.

We need a team of volunteers to help deliver the festival over the weekend of the event itself – we are looking for people to work over the festival weekend 22nd -24th October and in the run up to Supersonic from early October onwards. We expect a minimum of 12 hrs over the festival period in exchange for a weekend wristband.

In addition we are looking for professional quality photographers to help us document the festival

How to apply:
To apply send an email to volunteer[at]
Mark in the SUBJECT of the email VOLUNTEER or PHOTOGRAPHER

We will send you an application form, which you need to fill out and email back to us before the deadline which is the 21st September. There will then be a meeting on the evening of the 22nd of September to find out more about the festival and to meet the team.

Please note, unfortunately we can only receive applications from people over 18 years of age.

For further info about the festival check:

Please feel free to spread the word.


Supersonic Spotify Playlist


Morning.  We’re trying to get you in the habit of checking back here regularly for new music; a little over two weeks ago we launched the Supersonic radio channel, yesterday the Brum Cast Podcast and today the Supersonic Spotify playlist.  (Click here.. Supersonic Festival 2010)

I’ve noticed that there’s been quite a few links posted on Facebook recently but, we’ve been neglecting our blog a little.  While those of you not on Facebook might not have a whole website full of pictures of you looking undignified, you’ve been missing out on some pretty awesome videos.

So, here’s the Youtube footage, and a little bit about some of the bands in the playlist::


Factory Floor are the latest good band to come out of East London.  They play using vintage analogue equipment to create abrasive electronic music, layered in feedback, with obligatory Ian Curtis post-punk vocals.  They’re all the best bits of Sonic Youth and Throbbing Gristle, with Giorgio Moroder disco electronics and Kraftwerk beats, an inspired combination.


Lichens is scarily busy: he was the bassist and vocalist in 90 Day Men, has collaborated with the pretty brilliant Explosions in the Sky, Om and TV on the Radio and, amid all the band hopping, has released two of his own LP’s.  It shares a lo-fi mesmeric charm with bands like Grouper; it’s simple and uncomplicated but, difficult to describe in a trite 100 word paragraph.  It’s best if you just watch the video below.  It’s really brilliant!


Nisennenmondai are a three-piece party band taking cues from the likes of NEU!, Hella, This Heat and The Pop Group.  At times it’s also kind of reminiscent of ESG and Liquid Liquid too, treading the line between playful, energised dance music and 20th century minimalism and krautrock.  If you managed to catch them at Supersonic last year, you will know that live, they blow most other bands away.


Melt Banana have been in our good books ever since they released “Squeak Squeak Creak” back in 1994 and kind of redefined hardcore punk with their psychotic discordant jazzcore speed metal. The ‘groove’ created by the frenzy of drumming and chaotic oscillations is relentless and impossibly energetic.


Kevin Martin (otherwise known as The Bug), poet Roger Robinson and singer Kiki Hitomi are King Midas Sound.  Their debut LP “Waiting for You” was released on Kode9’s label-du-jour Hyperdub, and combines Tricky, Mezzanine-era Massive Attack and the more desolate corners of Burial to create a sound with a grounding in dub and dancehall.


Brum cast – Supersonic special no.1


We asked Birminghams very own answer to John Peel, Little Chris of Brum Cast fame to put together three podcasts featuring a taster of bands performing at this years Supersonic Festival to give you an insight to what’s on offer. This is the first one featuring a great selection for your aural delight, enjoy!

Playlist as follows!
1. Necro Deathmort – I fought the law and the law won because fighting is against the law (4:01)
2. Melt Banana – Mind Thief (1:44)
3. Dead Fader – Autumn Rot (3:46)
4. Fukpig – Die Bastard (0:59)
5. Neu! – Hallo Gallo (10:07)
6. Nisennenmondai – Pop Group (6:21)
7. Khyam Allami – Taqsim Nahawand (4:40)
8. Tweak Bird – Spaceships (3:30)
9. Pierre Bastien – L’Orchestre Thermo-Dynamique (4:57)
10. Godflesh – Like Rats (4:27)
11. Swans – New Mind (5:13)
12. Lichens – Kirilian Auras (11:33)
13. Factory Floor – Lying (5:07)
14. Napalm Death – Continuing War on Stupidity (3:10)
15. Bong – Wizards Of Krull (Excerpt) (6:21)
16. People Like Us – The Doody Waltz (5:54)

Tickets are available from


A little look at: Pierre Bastien & Male Instrumenty


During this year’s Supersonic you are invited to enter the tiny musical world of Pierre Bastien & Male Instrumenty, bringing together the French composer and surrealist inventor together with the Polish toy orchestra for a very special performance entitled ‘Toy Music’.

[jwplayer config=”video mainpage” playlistid=”1405″]

Pierre Bastien has been building musical machinery since the 1970s and  has an expansive practice as a musician, composer and sound artist. Male Instrumenty is a five piece orchestra of toys and small instruments from Wrocław, Poland.    Founded in 2006, Małe Instrumenty (meaning Small Instruments) explore  an exciting and diverse sound world through their huge collection of  small instruments.

[jwplayer config=”video mainpage” playlistid=”1406″]

Supersonic Festival 2010:
Friday: £20, Sat/Sun: £35, Weekend: £75 (+ booking fee)

Available from:

Weekend Tickets from:


Michael Rother speaks about Neu!


Michael Rother speaks about the formation and inspiration behind the incredible music of NEU! in this great documentary “Krautrock: The rebirth of Germany”. He will  performing live at this years SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL, Birmingham as HALLOGALLO 2010 with Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) & Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs) on SUNDAY 24th October.
Tickets can be purchased from:

Friday: £20, Sat/Sun: £35, Weekend: £75 (+ booking fee)

Available from:

Weekend Tickets from:


Supersonic Festival Last.FM Radio Channel


Today’s an awesome day, because, despite being a Monday, today’s the day we launch our Supersonic Last.FM radio channel.

Follow the link below and press play to let Supersonic Festival sound track your afternoon.


Capsule zine no5


Welcome to Capsule zine no. 5, this edition has been designed by our brand new intern Tom J Hughes, a mighty fine illustrator who has done us proud. As ever you’ll find some info about all things Capsule, as well as Supersonic Festival news and how it feels to be a quiz show champion. We’ve got some great pieces from local illustrators and a spot of colouring in too plus another great cake recipe. Enjoy!

We’re always looking for submissions, so feel free to get in touch via admin[at] with your articles, rants and doodles.


Day tickets released for Supersonic 2010




KING MIDAS SOUND / ZENI GEVA / CLOAKS (exclusive solo DJ set) /

Joining confirmed acts including:
HALLOGALLO – Michael Rother + Friends present the music of NEU!


Tickets on sale now from:

Friday: £20, Sat/Sun: £35, Weekend: £75

Following the news that the 2010 edition of Birmingham’s acclaimed annual Supersonic Festival will be headlined by NAPALM DEATH, SWANS, GODFLESH and HALLOGALLO, Capsule are pleased to announce that a limited number of individual day tickets are now on sale, priced £20 (Friday) and £35 (Saturday/Sunday), with weekend tickets on sale at £75.

Friday night will be headlined by Birmingham extreme metallers Napalm Death, Saturday by Godflesh, for their first UK appearance in over 10 years, and Sunday by two equally unmissable acts, Swans and Hallogallo 2010 – Michael Rother + friends play the music of NEU!

Supersonic are also excited to reveal the final round of incredible artists who will be appearing at this year’s festival. From Doom to dun step and folk, Supersonic 2010 is set to cement the festival’s reputation as one of the most original and eclectic music festivals in the UK.

Regarded as pioneers of experimental music by the likes of Sonic Youth and Merzbow, KK Null’s incredible collective Zeni Geva will be bringing their prog-hardcore to the Supersonic stage, and KK will also be appearing alongside Birmingham sound artist, Lash Frenzy, in a truly unmissable performance. Also confirmed, Kevin Martin, creator of experimental dancehall project The Bug, with his incredible, critically acclaimed new project, King Midas Sound.

Aggressive, noisy and hailed by many as the successor to Napalm Death, Fukpig will be playing their new breed of Birmingham grindcore, along with heavy, heavy dub from Devilman aka DJ Scotch Egg and Dokkebi Q. Also confirmed, Monarch, with the demonic, throat-shredding shrieks of Emilie, whose petite appearance belies one of the harshest throats in the underground Doom spectrum.
Following a knock-out 2009 performance, Nisennenmondai return, bringing their driving rhythm section and metallic guitar sound, along with Mugstar, who will be playing their unique underground mix of psychedelia and krautrock.  Also confirmed, the most exciting new band to come out of London, Factory Floor, who will also be putting in one of their legendary brutal, live performances, and there will be an unmissable Cloaks DJ set from Steve Cloaks, who will be playing strictly Cloaks material only, in an exclusive performance for Supersonic 2010. There will also be heaviness, good times and volume a-plenty from Birmingham’s very own Stinky Weezleteet and distorto-death groves from Brighton’s Dead Fader.
World music meets psychedelic rock in a unique performance from Khyam Allami and Master Musicians of Bukkake, combining the sublime Oud playing of Iraqi musician Khyam Allami with the 7-piece out rock unit, Master Musicians of Bukkake. French composer and surrealist inventor Pierre Bastien will also be bringing his musical machinery, which he has been making since the 1970s, and will share the bill with Male Instrumenty, the fantastic five-piece orchestra of toys and small instruments from Poland. Also, the “painfully young and unnervingly talented” American multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick, who will be exploring minimalism and instrumentalism with tinges of folk.


Call out – Gods White Noise



Eastside Projects and Supersonic are looking for performers for GOTTESRAUSCHEN (GOD’S WHITE NOISE), taking place at Eastside Projects on Saturday 23 October, 12–7pm. We are looking for people interested in going through the GOTTESRAUSCHEN experience: You do not need to be a trained guitar player, however you should be interested in sonic exploration of the self. The full performance lasts 7 hours — involvement for the duration is optional: players may come and go. Performers are required to bring their own electric guitar and amplifier, which can be stored securely at Eastside Projects for the full festival weekend. Contact info[at] for more details as places are limited.

Düsseldorf-based artist Christian Jendreiko is known for making actions with large ensembles of trained or untrained performers in novel, site-specific settings. Jendreiko specifically seeks to reconsider acoustics as aspects of how body and mind are constructed, through a decentralized and sculptural approach towards performance. Lasting anywhere between two and seven hours and featuring classically trained musicians alongside untrained performers in nonhierarchical and improvisatory fashion, Jendreiko transforms groups into social sculpture.

For the Birmingham premiere of ‘GOTTESRAUSCHEN (GOD’S WHITE NOISE): Action for Players, Guitars & Amplifiers’, a number of musicians and artists will perform at Eastside Projects over the course of 7 hours. Intended as a performance for an indeterminate number of guitarists and amplifiers, and taking its cue from a passage by Friedrich Schiller on man’s relationship to a series of sensual and formal compulsions (“For all beauty is ultimately but a property of … movement”), GOD’S WHITE NOISE will unfold over a single day, with guests free to enter, circulate throughout, and remain in the gallery space as long as they wish.


Listen to Tweak Bird’s entire new album…


In the exciting build up to the festival, here’s a little treat. You can listen to the Tweak Bird’s new album, not released til August 30 in its entirety on Drowned In Sound, so click here and enjoy!

Tweak Bird are a brother duo from Southern Illinois, think Melvins / Big Business with a sugary pop sensibility. This will be loud and almost too much fun to bear.


Michael Gira review of new Swans release


Michael Gira has reactivated his No Wave/industrial/apocalyptic folk project SWANS for the first time in 13-years, The Quietus asks him for a track-by-track review.
Read full article + listen to tracks here


Strangest interview for Supersonic


Probably the most unique interview I’ve ever done and least flattering photo at that for covertmag

Last weekend I was relaxing in my Moscow Police Cell when I spotted, across the balcony, Capsule co-founder and Supersonic Festival curator Lisa Meyer, and took the opportunity to ask a few questions about what’s been going on with the Birmingham Experimental scene, Capsule, and their Supersonic Festival.

“Hey! Lisa!” I hiss through the steel grated window of my cell.

“What are you doing here?” she says, “and how did you recognise me?”.

“Your dogs wearing a vampire costume.” I say, waving at Frank-furtter. “Anyway, I’m a big experimental music fan, but I’ve been stuck in here a year, so tell me what you got going on!”.

Read more of this bizarrely written interview by Ben Phluxm here


Nice Supersonic plug on BBC Radio 6


[jwplayer playlistid=”1000″]

A nice little plug for Supersonic on BBC Radio 6 that we thought we’d share with you:)


Paragon Hotel sold out!


Folks the Paragon Hotel has already sold out!
But don’t fret we have negotiated an amazing deal with ARC apartments based only 15 mins walk from the Custard Factory and for a self catering apartment of 5 people it will cost you just £20 each a night – what a deal. offers high quality self-catering apartments that are ideal for both short stays and long- term rentals, and conveniently located in the heart of Birmingham city centre. Providing a genuine home from home, all apartments are fully furnished with TVs, sofas, fully-equipped kitchens, dining areas, spacious bedrooms and more. The 24-hour receptions are easily accessed on foot from any of our apartments. Complimentary Wi-Fi Access is available in each room and reception lobby. Car parking is available upon request.
2/3 person apartment special rate of £75 per night
4/5 person apartment special rate 0f £100 per night

Quote ‘SUPERSONIC’ to book at special festival rate

T: +44 (0) 871 971 2952
E: sales[at]


Justin Broadrick talks about the Hellfest show


Photograph by Pascal Bourdon

A statement by Justin Broadrick about their difficult performance at Hellfest, we can assure you that every care will be taken at Supersonic to make sure that Godflesh are properly sound checked and have the correct equipment.
We can’t wait!

GODFLESH @ Hellfest. Okay, if you were in attendance for this then I am sure you are aware of how disappointed we were with what transpired, and we are sure you are / were most likely disappointed too.
I am afraid that it was all utterly beyond our control, we salvaged a performance out of what was a fairly ridiculous set of events. The power generator blowing during the set from The Young Gods, on just prior to us, was the catalyst for the ensuing chaos. At one point, performing at all was even in doubt. We had an hour allocated for both soundcheck and stage set up, since there is no soundcheck prior to the start of the festival, unfortunately, something that we really did need, but we were having to put our trust in the one hour allocated before performance, this one hour then became 20 short and extremely stressful minutes, with the stage management proclaiming that we must start immediately without any check of the sound, disastrous for us – additionally, the backline they hired in for us was not entirely correct or had faults with it, Ben’s bass rig specifically, my guitar amp was not right either, the monitors were awful without the time for us to correct them sufficiently, resulting in not hearing virtually any of the Machine in the monitors for nearly all of our opener ‘Like Rats’, the DVD machine for our films was also somewhat faulty. In short, this was an absolute frustrating catalogue of disasters, presenting the band in, for us, one of the worst ways imaginable. We do though consider that we somewhat forged a performance out of a significantly bad situation.
We played 40 of our intended 60 minutes ; quite literally onstage I managed to turn 30 minutes into 40 due to ongoing arguments, during our set, with the stage management.
We’re really sorry to everyone concerned that all this happened and hopefully this will all be rectified at the forthcoming GODFLESH performance at the Supersonic Festival, details below, for those who can make it, of course.
By Justin Broadrick


Hallogallo + Napalm Death confirmed for Supersonic



HALLOGALLO 2010 – Michael Rother + Friends present the music of NEU!

Joining confirmed acts including:


22 – 24 OCTOBER 2010
Birmingham, UK

Tickets on sale now from:

Following the news that the 2010 edition of Birmingham’s acclaimed annual Supersonic Festival will be headlined by SWANS and GODFLESH, Capsule are excited to announce a further round of live acts who will also perform at this year’s festival, including HALLOGALLO 2010 and NAPALM DEATH. Tickets are now on sale!

“I´m thrilled to return to Supersonic this year with my new live project Hallogallo 2010. We will present some favourite music by NEU!, Harmonia and from my solo albums. I look forward to Supersonic this year because two great musicians and friends are joining me in Hallogallo 2010: Steve Shelley (drummer of Sonic Youth) and Aaron Mullan (guitar player of Tall Firs). Expect some fast-forward movement!” – Michael Rother, Hallogallo 2010/NEU!

Capsule are also excited to confirm that unquestionably the most influential band in extreme music’s ferocious history NAPALM DEATH will be performing in their hometown to make their first ever Supersonic Festival appearance. Acclaimed as the creators of Grindcore, Napalm Death will be pushing the envelope of metal to new extremes in what is guaranteed to be an unforgettable performance.

“We are very much looking forward to playing Supersonic this year. It’s always great to play a hometown gig, and with this festival being so diverse musically it’s going to be even more fun for us as we rarely get the chance to play such events –  and on the same stage as SWANS, well what can I say?” – Shane Embury, Napalm Death

Also confirmed are an incredible, eclectic mix of music and visual artists, including PART WILD HORSES MANE ON BOTH SIDES with their mesmerizing and unforgettable avant-primitivism,  oVo with their incredible combination of heavy riffage, bombastic drumming and unforgettable vocals, as well as a return from the dark lords of Drum and Bass, PCM. DOSH will be performing, complete with mandatory pots and pans, as well as DRUMCORPS, with their unique, high-energy mix of music production values and the raw power of American hardcore.

TWEAK BIRD are also confirmed, bringing their big drums, fuzzed out baritone guitar and tandem spacey vocal melodies, and also CAVE, with their sickeningly tight drum and bass. There will also be multi-sensory art in the form of DJ and multimedia artist Vicki Bennett, aka PEOPLE LIKE US, and dark visual music trio DEMONS (W/SICK LLAMA).

This latest announcement forms part of a series of line up announcements for Supersonic 2010 with many more exciting acts and artists to be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

Tickets on sale now from:


Godflesh confirmed to play Supersonic


Following the news that the 2010 edition of Birmingham’s acclaimed annual Supersonic Festival will be headlined by SWANS, Capsule are hugely excited to announce the second headlining act, GODFLESH. Acclaimed by many as founders of the industrial metal movement, Godflesh will be returning to their Birmingham roots to play the band’s first UK show in over 10 years. Tickets are now on sale!

Featuring band members Justin Broadrick (ex-Napalm Death and Head of David) and Benny Green (ex-Fall of Because), Godflesh will be bringing their crushing, apocalyptic sound back home to Birmingham in only their second show since they disbanded in 2002.
“We cannot even recall specifically the first Birmingham Godflesh show. Oddly, we think it was supporting Suicide in 1988, just after the release of our first Mini LP on Swordfish, the record label of Birmingham’s best record shop. So it’s only natural that the first Godflesh UK show in its original form in over 10 years, comes home to its birthplace, and for whom better than Supersonic, the organisation responsible for keeping Birmingham on the map with underground music, be it metal or otherwise. It is with great pleasure that Godflesh returns to its roots.” – Justin Broadrick, Godflesh

This rare and exceptional performance by GODFLESH forms part of a series of line up announcements for Supersonic 2010. Also confirmed are with many more exciting acts and artists to be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

Buy tickets:


New hotel deal


We have just negotiated a number of special rate rooms for Supersonic visitors at the Paragon Hotel which is a mere 5 mins walk from the venue. These rooms go very quickly so best get in quickly.

Special Supersonic Deal:

Paragon Hotel

(5 mins walk from the Custard Factory)
A magnificent example of Gothic architecture, the Paragon is situated in the heart of the city, lovingly restored into a modern, stylish, urban retreat.
£35.00 Room Only for Standard Single Room
£40.00 Room Only for Standard Twin or Double Room
£45.00 Room Only for Superior Single Room
£50.00 Room Only for Superior Double or Twin Room.

Breakfast will be available upon request at £5.00

Quote ‘CATS221010′ to book at special festival rate

T: +44 (0) 121 627 0627 / F: +44 (0) 121 627 0628
E: [email protected]

For more hotel deals check Hotels