More Peter Broderick And Mothlite

Mothlite joined the Supersonic line up earlier this week with the final wave of additions. Mothlite is a collaboration between Daniel O’Sullivan and Antti Uusimak.  Daniel works with a mind-boggling array of bands; if you’ve ever listened to Ulver, Guapo, Æthenor, Sunn O))) and Aethenor (amongst others) then you’ve been listening to him, and if you liked them, chances are you’ll like Mothlite too.  This is the trailer for their forthcoming LP ‘Dark age’::

We told you about Peter Broderick last week, but since then this video has been released. Shot in the studio during the recording of ‘Guilt’s Tune’ from his LP ‘How They Are’, sometimes a video can illuminate something you wouldn’t notice when listening to a record, for example: simultaneous guitar and piano playing…