Rough Trade recommends…

We’ve asked a few regular visitors to Supersonic to highlight what they’re most looking forward to at this years festival, to help guide you through our program. First up is Spencer Hickman of Rough Trade East fame, this is what he’s giving the thumbs up to:

Factory Floor
FF will be an absolute highlight of ss10 I can guarantee it. There is no other band in the UK that is exciting me as much as they are , here at Rough Trade we have watched them evolve from a very good post punk band into one of the most incredible electronic bands around. it’s dark, oppressive yet danceable and accessible , i guess a  lazy comparison would be ‘Throbbing Gristle,Cabaret Voltaire shot through with a slice of Weatherall produced Fuck Buttons’. yes they are that good. get excited now.

Who doesn’t want to see the Swans doing what they do best ? Being moody and unsettling in equal amounts. Although this isn’t an industrial return to their terror inducing early material it is far and away the most aggressive I have heard them sound in a very long time , it also has the songs to back it up this should be very special indeed.

I remember taking the Cloaks record to SS09 to sell on our stall, it was one of those records we had sold a lot of in store but outside of that I had heard little about them, we sold all ten copies by the time the second track had finished, there is no better recommendation than that in my mind. They sound like Skinny Puppy making dubstep , it’s dark, brutal and unforgiving. Oh it’s also very f*cking good, and very f*cking loud.

Peter Broderick
It doesn’t matter if he is being all weird and experimental or creating finely crafted songs ala the ‘home’ record, he is always engaging and blessed with a truly beautiful voice. I have no idea what he will be doing at this years festival but I do know I’ll be watching.

What can you say ? Brummie legends, back when they were releasing records they were way ahead of their time having given us a few years to catch up with them they are back to reclaim  their crown and destroy SS and our ears in the process. very exciting.

Rough Tade will have a stall in our market place this year so make sure you save all your pennies cause they’re bring a whole heap of treats!


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  1. “Rough Tade will have a stall in our market place this year so make sure you save all your pennies cause they’re bring a whole heap of treats!”

    HA! Just make sure you don’t get the discs mixed up this time like you did with the Shackleton double I bought last year… 😉

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