Mark Titchner recommends

In the lead up to Supersonic (just over 3 weeks away) we have asked regular visitors to tell us what they’re most looking forward to seeing this year. Contemporary artist Mark Titchner who contributed to our Home Of Metal symposium back in 2007 and will be exhibiting as part of our celebrations next summer at New Art Gallery Walsall, had this to say:

“As ever at Supersonic 2010 there is more to see and do than there is time but I’m particularly looking forward to Khyam Allami and Master Musicians of Bukkake, Lichens and Zeni Geva and then there is also the small matter of….Swans! Godflesh! Napalm Death!  On consecutive nights!  Yes this is really happening.  Yes I’m excited.

There have been numerous highlights for me at Supersonic over the years, Harvey Milk, Corrupted, Dalek, Om, Earthless….but my fondest (?) memory is of the Oxbow Duos performance with Justin Broadrick, Stephen O’Malley and Dave Cochrane in 2007.  A show that was so intense that I had a panic attack afterwards! ”