Supersonic Xmas Party: MC YALLAH & DEBMASTER + Blue Ruth

Thu 8th December 2022
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Join us 8th December for our Supersonic Xmas Party! Nyege Nyege artist MC Yallah will be delivering her rare, rapid and tightly controlled flow alongside futuristic hip-hop, grime, punk and trap with Debmaster. Plus support from Supersonic Recording’s own Blue Ruth.


Fierce and intense, MC Yallah’s lyrics draw from real-life experiences and often address women’s issues spreading a powerful message of integrity and self-determination, delivered in a range of languages including Kiswahili, Luganda, English and Luo. Born in Kenya and raised in Uganda, MC Yallah has been in the East African underground hip-hop scene for nearly 20 years. 


On stage, she delivers a high energy performance and stands out with a bright, colourful aesthetic. Off stage, Yallah spends time with her two sons and supports the local hiphop community through workshops, mentoring and concerts.


“Her music marries dark, eccentric, electronic beats with a smooth, break-neck flow. If you’ve seen her live, you’ll know Yallah can even rap effortlessly over singeli beats, that reach anywhere up to 300bpm.”
– The Quietus



Support comes from Birmingham’s own Blue Ruth who presents noisy, synth led, electronic, industrial music, where glitchy club beats and semi-improvised melodies transport us to a dystopian party that never ends.  


Utilising second-hand hardware, Blue Ruth’s musical ingenuity pulls from their background of performing in guitar-heavy bands Youth Man and Pretty Grim. Dropping the guitars for layers, upon layers of distortion pedals stacked on cheap keyboards, their striking debut output ‘Mausoleum’ out now on Supersonic Recordings oozes an utterly human sound.

 “almost like a Gazelle Twin fronted Godflesh”
– The Quietus