Yoga in Black

Sat 17th June 2017
This is an archive item from Supersonic 2017

17/18 June Sat + Sun 12-2pm
Centrala, Unit 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B5 5RT Birmingham
Sessions are for up to 12 people | Mats are provided on request.
Tickets must be purchased in advance: £15 from SAT I SUN

To celebrate the Summer Solstice and Supersonic Festival, Yoga In Black are holding two sessions of their unique take on yoga over the Festival weekend, in collaboration with electric cellist Rotten Bliss.

Yoga In Black offer sessions of Dru Yoga, with a twist – leading you through the graceful and strength-enhancing exercises of the yogic tradition, to a soundtrack of metal, gothic rock, drone, doomjazz and dark ambient music.

A pre-recorded soundtrack of various dark artists will be augmented with music specially composed for the day, and will conclude with a live improvised accompaniment from Rotten Bliss, who builds up sonic storms of exploratory textures, defying expectations of the cello through her preference for extended techniques and extreme FX processing. Her abrasive playing style evokes the possession and freedom of rock’n’roll, deconstruction and decay.

Dru Yoga features the use of visualisation and affirmation in its practice, and these workshops engage imagery from pagan, Voudon and Thelemic traditions to invoke a sense of inner strength and peace.

Expect big sound, and sound teachings: a workout for your mind, body and ears. It will be intense, magickal and fun!