This is an archive item from Supersonic 2023

Locally brewed trio, un.procedure, are an experimental-jazz-electronic outfit from Birmingham, UK made up of synth player Piera Onacko, drummer and electronic artist Nathan Jones and Mercury Prize nominated alto-saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi. 


Through an avant-jazz filter, they deliver a frantic collision of free improvisation in a bed of spiralling, 70’s rock influenced grooves and heady, sci–fi tinged soundscapes. Within an electronic led, suspenseful sound, un.procedure combine frenetic break-beat drums that fly anywhere between doom-laden atmospherics, psychedelic textures, and cosmic synth sections. Topped with guttural sax, their music easily calls to mind the tense soundtracks of 1970s sci-fi cinema, cemented by the backdrop of live, reactive visuals created by multi-faceted artist David Stanley (GURIBOSH) to accompany their pummelling set. 


“Gripping post-apocalyptic synth’n’sax”
- Uncut