This is an archive item from Supersonic 2018

“synapse-crushing rhythm and glitched textures”– The Skinny

Inspired by the lither, more abstract sounds of UK techno labels such as Lost/Cosmic, Continual, Meta and Arcar, UKAEA seeks to combine these elements with rhythmic and structural influences from Indonesian and African musics. Contemporary synthesis and sequencing techniques give the sound its character, rendered by self-built or custom-made obscure hardware.

Polyrhythm and polymeter are used continually as a means to disorientate and motivate
the listener. Caustic distorted rhythms pummel and lurch; cascading tones interlock and cycle. Sound is made, contorted and destroyed, rather than designed. Live shows are partly-
or entirely-improvised, often using mixed media, performance, and setting to recontextualise the sounds and the space.

Selected in partnership with The Quietus