This is an archive item from Supersonic 2019

Porcelain milagro necklace by CHW Ceramics

Save Me in Clay! will be a macabre ceramics workshop using airdry clay & acrylic paints to make colourful body-part Milagros micro-sculptures as decorative hangings or to attach to jewellery.

Milagros are traditional symbolic charms (often body parts of animals) in Latin America culture that are historically worn or hung on walls and used to protect, cure or give thanks.

Part one (making) – Saturday 18.40 – 20.10

Part two (painting) – Sunday 18.50 – 20.00

Advance sign-up. Limited to 15 people.
Book your place by emailing [email protected] with ‘save_me_in_clay’ in the title.
Please include your name & contact number for the festival weekend.