Pecha Kucha – Supersonic Special

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2018

Sunday 24th June: Supersonic Festival Workshop

Market Place I 4:30

PechaKucha is the snappy presentation format where speakers have just 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to get their point across. What started out in Tokyo is now in 900 cities across the world. Themes for PechaKuchas can include nearly anything, but for Supersonic we’re inviting you to share your music obsessions, record collections, sonic adventures and live experiences. That could mean your top 20 metal albums, rarest band memorabilia, best album sleeves, 20 heaviest riffs, backstage encounters or moments from your own band’s on-the-road anecdote repertoire. Surprise us! PechaKucha works best when audiences don’t know what’s coming.



It will be an informal set up – it’s all about the fun of sharing rather than a slick, rehearsed presentation.

Get in touch by emailing [email protected] with ‘PechaKucha’ in the title if you have an idea and we’ll just ask you for 20 slides in advance of the day (which will be the afternoon Sunday 24th June). Slides will be on a timer, so all you’ll need to do is talk along to the slides to a compact audience and we’ll do the rest.