This is an archive item from Supersonic 2023

The almighty avant-rock giants Oxbow, fronted by the notorious Eugene S. Robinson, are once again pummeling towards Supersonic like a freight train! 


Their visceral embrace of distortion, volume, and foreboding emotional timbres paired with meticulous execution, tension-baiting restraint, and an academic approach to songwriting is electrifying. Harnessing the force of their hardcore and metal past while employing the arch forms of classical music, the improvisational forays of jazz, and the adventurism of experimental music, classically-trained Wenner creates a sonic bedrock for Robinson’s anguished howls and seething croons. Further bolstered by the agile and off-kilter rhythm section of Greg Davis (drums) and Dan Adams (bass), OXBOW have spent three decades fusing traditional music forms with the less refined and often transgressive approaches of late 20th century subterranean movements.  


“Oxbow are still truly adept in the art of submerging you in their world of meticulously crafted drama.” – Louder Sound