This is an archive item from Supersonic 2017



Once again, heading for us like a freight train – the almighty avant-rock giants Oxbow. ‘Designed to be the last aural will and testament of failed humanity’ this experimental San Fransisco outfit is music for the damned, drudging onwards in their quest of carnage; fronted by the notorious Eugene S. Robinson with his heavy handed heckler response tactics and striking fearsome onstage presence, ‘seeming to writhe as if burned and shudder as if electrocuted at once.’

Oxbow’s 2007 album The Narcotic Story was named the number one album in the “Best of 2007” by Rock-A-Rolla magazine, and was listed with three other bands’ albums in the nomination of Joe Chiccarelli as ‘Producer of the Year’ at the 50th Grammy Awards. Regular collaborators with Steve Albini, Eugene and Nikko Wenner bring us their well-oiled monstrous machine of sound, built from a plethora of knowledge from nearly 3 decades of expedition through the alternative underground of music. And now, they add a new dimension.

The tendency in the face of the unbelievable is to not believe it, and is if our perpetual faves Oxbow didn’t tend this way enough, they return to SUPERSONIC 2017 with an ensemble of two parts — the band accompanied by a chamber choir and volunteer vocalists — who will perform notated Oxbow music, carrying the crucial elements of what constitutes the Oxbow experience into terra unknown. Absolutely and totally exactly what a religious observance should look and sound like. One time only. Not to be missed!