Osaka Invasion

Fri 11th July 2008
This is an archive item from Supersonic 2008

feat. DJ Scotch Egg /Bogulta /Ove Naxx/ Maruosa/ Dokkebi Q/ Drumize

An extraordinary group of artists from Osaka, Japan, are about to invade Birmingham!

The notorious DJ Scotch Egg, who’s about to release an album on Load Records will spearhead the invasion with his unique gameboy madness. Joining him will be Ove-Naxx, also playing live. His fucked up breakcore jungle set is unforgetable to those who have seen him before. Headbanging never looked so good! Marousa will be thrashing his long black hair at you as well as his demented grindcore metal breakcore sounds. And last but definetly not least, and playing outside Japan for the first time, Bogulta, insane Osaka new wave party punk.