Mush Records Night

Wed 24th July 2002
Factory Club


Three artists, ignoring the rules and doing what comes naturally without care to style or sales, cLOUDDEAD is the avant hip-hop coalition of Doseone, why?, and odd nosdam. Their schizophrenic compositions, uninhibited vocal stylings, ambient soundscapes, and polished live show have both impressed and baffled. Lifescuksdie has said their work is “as close as you can get to a description of what doing whippets sounds like.” Skater kids claim them as one of their own. Indie kids hear rock’s future in their music. Hiphop heads debate is it or isn’t it, and all the while cLOUDDEAD blazes forward without a map or a care. Not just a meeting of the minds, but a blending of three individuals into a new entity, cLOUDDEAD is Mush’s most abstract experiment of word and sound.


The West Coast Work Force presents the legendary Radioinactive. By way of Los Angeles, Radio has set foot on stage with many ground breaking artists: Freestyle Fellowship, The Shape Shifters, Off Mexican Descent, The Coup, The Sugarhill Gang, and Afrika Bambaata. A poet in arms and true maintenance man of the underground terra, he has been putting out new music since the last president. From his days with Log Cabin (members include Eligh, MURS, and Scarub) to his underground classic ‘Fotractor’, Radio has infiltrated music collections around the world. More recently, his show stealing performance on the Celestial comp ‘Beneath The Surface’ has left ears wanton and himself in the 1999 Urb’s Next 100. Stopping at no cadence and fitting no particular mold, it’s time to unleash the rhythm of Radioinacive.


Reaching Quiet
ladies and gentlemen… need we say more? Never one to follow a trend, why? has developed a style that is wonderfully complimented by the disturbing sweetness of odd nosdam, a real Dr. Strange of sampling. The duo is 2/3 of cLOUDDEAD and sit partially accountable for the under-urban legend known as Greenthink: why? as a member and odd nosdam as uninvited guest. Their music collage uses everything within their reach to meld personality into off white noize. Whether performing or recording as a couple of touching rock stars from the catacombs of art school X, Reaching Quiet just is. Their poetry-to-beat is… a release… fresh water and air in the same breath… a gorgeous meltdown of sounds around you… Reaching Quiet… ladies and gentlemen… need we say more?