Sofasonic 2020



LANKUM extend a most heartfelt invitation to join them on their dream-powered tour bus as they travel the proverbial highways and byways of England, blazing a sordid trail of pandemic soaked misery on their way to the virtual Sofasonic Festival, complete with guest drivers, musical arguments and digital piss stops.


“Imagine a folk album influenced by the ambient textures of Sunn O))) and Swans,
plus the sonic intensity of Xylouris White and My Bloody Valentine.”
The Guardian


Born of years crisscrossing Dublin’s folk and experimental scenes, Lankum have an alchemical ability to forge traditional folk music that is dark, mysterious and transcendental. Close vocal harmonies, instrumental interplay and dramatic storytelling pin you to the ground and revive the spirit. With a diverse set of influences as disparate as Sunn O))), they show that folk music can be angry, progressive and is still a vital force today.