Kuro Maga

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2017

French violinist Agathe Max. At times her work approaches the supersonic escape velocity of Tony Conrad; elsewhere, she introduces delicate repeating threads, then slowly weaves them into a fabric of vast, billowing sound more reminiscent of Steve Reich.” Boomkat

Kuro take their name from the Japanese word for ‘black’, and their debut release for Rocket Recordings marks an experimental union between two diversely storied yet inherently like-minded musicians. Featuring the amplified talents of French violinist Agathe Max and bassist Gareth Turner, joined by Valentina Magaletti (drums) and Helen Papaioannou (baritone sax) for this Superspecial Supersonic performance.

Agathe Max is a classically-trained violinist with a varied back catalogue of studio and live work, running the gamut from spectral ambience to stately soundscapes and adept at summoning dream states and drama alike.
Bristol-based Gareth Turner, meanwhile, maintains a busy schedule performing and recording with Rocket Recordings trio Anthroprophh (alongside The Heads guitarist Paul Allen) bass/drums duo Big Naturals, and his solo double-bass project Salope.

The intuitive chemistry between this duo resulted in Kuro’s eponymous first outing – an elegantly sprawling and richly textured work of tumult and transcendence – which they bring to us this year at Supersonic!