JOHN DORAN on Aphex Twin

Sofasonic 2020

SUNDAY 19 JULY // 16:00 BST


John Doran will be beaming in from rural Wiltshire to present an audio visual talk – Selected Ambient Walks: Aphex Twin And Cornish Mythology. 


Drawing many links between the tin mining industry, West Country witches versus the patriarchy, the legend of Merlin’s keep, English state vandalism of the Logan rock, Michel Foucault and the deep history of the Cornish pasty.

John Doran is co-founder and editor of the Quietus. The Cult Of Aphex Twin – a programme he wrote and presented for BBC Radio 4, received the Gold Award for best music documentary at The New York Festival Radio Awards 2019. John also created the ever-growing series ‘New Weird Britain’, which featured at Supersonic last year.