This is an archive item from Supersonic 2018

“…different variations of guitar atonalism are flung together with the industrial clatter and rumble of agricultural machinery and equipment, the monotonous grind of labour a constant cold breath down the neck of these disquieting exercises in art rock minimalism”The Quietus

HOUSEWIVES are a London based experimental four piece creating music on the boundary between noise and sound. Their austere, rhythmically charged music has a distinctively cold, minimalist edge; abrasive guitars blend with droning bass lines and propulsive, relentless drums. Their live approach is anti-performance, using a stark and minimal aesthetic coupled with intense and powerful compositions. Often using home made instruments, they explore unique sonic textures creating a challenging and progressive sound.

Their highly anticipated second album ‘FF061116‘ was released in August 2017 with Rocket Recordings. Met with wide spread praise from the UK press, HOUSEWIVES rattle on with their raucous momentum and will propel our Supersonic audience into a frenzy this June.

“angry and confrontational, the group build hypnotically heavy tracks using a combination of relentless beats, out of tune guitars and feedback loops … they’re like a more experimental version of girl band, or an angrier, lo-fi wire – all kinds of amazing.”– Resident Records