Grab the balloons, as Supersonic share a 20th birthday this year with one of the UK’s most reliably excellent DIY rock bands, Hey Colossus, a six-piece who’ve long specialised in concocting an unholy racket. 


Since the band’s first gig in 2003, there’s been 17 people through the ranks, resulting in 14 albums, numerous 7″s and 12″s, split records, compilation tracks and probably around 500 gigs. Their ever shifting and mutating output has more recently culminated in a nuanced, detailed sound that carries all of the weight, urgency and emotional pull of their early work while continuing to push inexorably forward into invigorating new territory. With two decades of hard graft under their belt, you can guarantee Hey Colossus will channel the best of your record collections and spit it back out into an astonishing live show.  


Statement from Hey Colossus:  

“We share a birthday, we’re both 20. Those years are nothing but time ticking by. But - you can do so much in 20 years if you put your mind to it. Supersonic/Capsule have done everything in 20 years. They put their minds too it. They’ve built a world. People travel miles to visit it, to visit the home of metal.  

This will be our third time playing the festival. I remember so clearly the morning of the first time. It was early, I was in a pub in Somerset. Occasionally my dad and I like to have breakfast in a pub, don’t judge us. I was telling him how much of a massive thing it was for us to be playing it. There’s only been a few times where I’ve been nervous before a gig and this was one of them. It was a big thing. We had a ‘way-to-big’ fry up. Then I got in the van, picked people up and drove to Birmingham. You don’t normally remember a breakfast from a decade ago. The night after we played, I was stood watching The Bug, my entire insides were being destroyed. Before that it was Drunk In Hell, a band you just had to see live – terrifying, hefty and gnarly. Cannot wait to play again, cannot wait to see who else is playing, the unpredictable variance is one of the many attractions. Happy Birthday Supersonic.