This is an archive item from Supersonic 2019


A band project comprising Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies, Dawn Bothwell and Sally Pilkington, Hen Ogledd’s meaning comes from the Welsh name for The Old North.

Each hailing from historically different tribal regions of the Old North, the musicians challenge the idea that the ancient world was rife with magic, while the new is infiltrated by cold logic. Combining ideas that draw upon the mystical and technological, creating a discombobulating pop prayer exploring artificial intelligence, witches, nanotechnology, pre-medieval history, robots, romance, computer games and waterfalls.

This dynamic band swirls, ravishing melodies, hallucinatory textures and bonkers rhythms and is pinned down by some deft performances: Pilkington’s picture-perfect pop and earthy singing, Davies’ blazing harp splutterations and guitar moans, Bothwell’s twisted telephone techno and bamboozling lyric-bombs and Dawson’s utter bass.