Flowers Must Die

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2017

Flowers Must Die are a six-piece Swedish outfit that pursue an improvisation-based approach removed from the codified realm of contemporary psych. They explore uncanny and unhinged territory fuelled by diverse record collections yet remain unique to their own collective headspace. Formed while at art school – initially in an attempt to put together a Sir Lord Baltimore style hard rock band – the band quickly took on a life of its own. With the eclectic members drawing from backgrounds in soul, disco, jazz & blues, interspersed with elements from the local nordic noise scene plus a plethora of other disparate ingredients, the band reach new levels of psychic abandon.True to a record encompassing a countercultural rawness and experimental ethos that spans five decades, The members of Flowers Must Die’ s ages range from 28to 63, and the sound of ‘Kompost’, in all its wayward, wild glory, follows suit. What’s more, who’s to say what dimensions this alchemical force have yet to explore.