Fat Out’s One Stop Transformation Shop

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2018

Bringing the (eco friendly) glitter and glam to the party on Saturday are our friends Fat Out.

Do you dream of a Lionel’s Tash or to reveal your third googley eye?

Do you see your real self as Ozzy, The Mitchell brothers, a Polar Bear or Rihanna?

Does your already beautiful face need a touch of glittery sparkle?

Well you can live all of the above and so much more in ‘Fat Out’s One Stop Transformation Shop’. Come as you are. Leave as your your most fabulous party self, fully prepped to rip up any Supersonic dance floor! And if your band schedule is too militant to make a visit to our shop (located in ….) then look out for the Glitter police, doing on the spot makeovers so everyone can transform into their most party confident selves.