Yoga 2018 Sunday

Sat 24th June 2017
This is an archive item from Supersonic 2018

Saturday 12:00 – 1:30 (£7) BUY TICKETS
Sunday 12:00 – 1:30 with live soundtrack by AYN S0F Paddy from Gnod (£10) BUY TICKETS
Centrala | Unit 4 Minerva Works |  158 Fazeley St | Birmingham | B5 5RT
Spaces are limited and tickets must be purchased in advance

Great music is a synthesis between sound and silence . The greater the synthesis the deeper the music goes .The sound creates the silence and the silence creates the receptivity to receive sound . You become centred, rooted . The earth and sky meet. The body and soul are no longer separate They lose their definitions.


Do.omyoga is a deeply connecting , meditative and immersive experience.

A slow vinyasa dynamic-restorative yoga practice soundtracked to atmospheric doom/drone/ ambient /psychedelic vibrations takes you higher and brings you deeper. Music from the heavier and slower end of the music spectrum acts as the driving force invigoration strength at the same time helps aid releasing tension by helping to hold postures ‘Passively” for longer through its emotive nature .

Equal focus us placed on Mantra , Asana, Pranayama breathing culminating in Meditation for a holistic YOGA practice.

Prepare to be wrapped in a sonic blanket on Saturday as they take you on an inward journey to another dimension soundtracked to a playlist of heavy music.

Do.omyoga will also run a very special LIVE session on Sunday with special guest AYN S0F ( PADDY GNOD)


NO experience needed – ALL LEVELS WELCOME