Bullshit Detector

Sat 20th October 2012
This is an archive item from Supersonic 2012

A sneak preview of the collaborative documentary which examines the cultural significance and legacy of the legendary CRASS Records compilation album releases (1980-1984) and which explores synergies between these and the Imperfect Cinema project.

The CRASS ‘Bullshit Detector’ compilation albums were DIY in ethos and were absolutely not concerned with traditional ‘production values’ as a criterion for exclusion or inclusion, but rather the sentiments and ideas expressed within each recording.

No two tracks on these compilations are the same, many utilising home recording technologies and improvised instrumentation. This was nothing short of groundbreaking, as by eschewing a traditional ‘industrial’ production value system, CRASS actually provided a venue for participation which valourised experimentation, resourcefulness and individual expression. In rejecting the codes and conventions of the ‘professionalised’ production value system, the Bullshit Detector compilations gave voice to those whom otherwise might have never have had their ideas and actions disseminated to a wider audience.

These fascinating releases provide the basis for Imperfect Films’ first feature-length project.