This is an archive item from Supersonic 2019


BodyVice is a new project by Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist), an accomplished sound & stage designer, performance artist and make-up artist whose design practices converge around sound and the body.

“Your body is a sensory device, each sense can be manipulated/modulated and played like an instrument. You are both superhuman and human-synthesis. The layers of your anatomy come to represent a process or modulation of how you can be played.”

Featuring wearable, playable body-sculptures and interactive video combined with performance, BodyVice takes a biological and calculated approach to sound art, investigating how chronic pain experienced by the artist, can be communicated through a variety of mediums.

Sharp has previously created glorious and gory stage, costume and body concepts for Jenny Hval’s European tour and worked live with Gazelle Twin as a performance artist and vocalist. Her performances have even been known to turn audience’s members into exhibitionists – tales transpiring of sensorial acts of gender-bending, food porn and squelchy mass ritual.

Here at Supersonic, we can’t wait for the premiere of Natalie’s latest creation.