This is an archive item from Supersonic 2023

High energy, catchy hardcore from deep within the melting-pot of Nottingham’s heavy music scene.  


In a familiar Nottingham storyline – Andrew Morgan (also of Bloody Head, Army Of Flying Robots, Nadir and countless more) and drummer Steve Charlesworth (Heresy, Wolves Of Greece, Meatfly, Geriatric Unit) recruited former Pitchshifter guitarist Stu Toolin on bass and Anmarie Spaziano (who you might know from running a famous burger joint) on vocals to form Blind Eye. Exploring feelings of loss, separation and isolation as well as general anger and confusion at the state of the world, their unhinged sounds pulls from classic UK and US punk and even a bit of Krautrock, psychedelia and Black Sabbath in there too. 


“Vocalist Annie Spaziano… has a ripper set of pipes, too, variously apoplectic and snarky and with a trashy drama to her tone that could fit an 80s speed metal band.” – The Quietus