Blacks’ Myths is a core duo of Luke Stewart and Warren Crudup III from Washington, D.C. Using electric bass guitar, electronics, and drums, these two collaborators weave together free jazz, post-rock, doom metal and dissonant noise. 

Complex loops and ecstatic melodies outline their compositions, creating a compelling sonic storyline of pulsing, hypnotic rhythmic structures that churn unpredictably, exploring the cracks and ambience in between. Their deeper purpose however, is in the intention of the Music and the messages hand-delivered into the vibrations they forge. The duo is concerned with the idea of History, of Memory, of the power of creating a tuned state of being. Within their sound lies the meditation on the history of blackness, the personal memory lens of an increasingly complex world full of alternate facts and rehashed stories.  

 “The sound of a revolution in the making — heady, weird, mythological but real, and, above all, Black.”