This is an archive item from Supersonic 2022

Tackling the steady demise of the natural world is what is explored by Bismuth, a heavy duo from Nottingham.


They are best known for having a massive bass tone complimented by thundering drums and harrowing vocals. The band’s themes delve into the human condition, misanthropy and ecological/environmental awareness. Comprising of drummer Joe Rawlings and bassist/vocalist Tanya Byrne, Bismuth create some of the slowest, loudest and most thought-provoking music in the doom-drone genre.


Through blood-curdling screams, their sound is entirely haunting and dramatic. The deathly slow pace allows for their unsettling sonic atmosphere to grow naturally; they give their music room to breathe and what on paper may sound claustrophobic in truth sounds vast and expansive – their sound is truly massive.


“The music sounds as large and vast as the ocean itself and is a testament to the band’s creativity that two musicians alone are responsible for such a colossal sound.”

Astral Noize