Sofasonic 2020



From ABBA to Scarborough Fair, the chameleon that is Ben Sadler reinvents songs in ways you couldn’t possibly fathom. Especially for Sofasonic, he’ll be performing your requests! Who know’s what we’ll get…


Ben is an Birmingham-based artist who creates with his friend Phil under the name Juneau Projects. When lockdown started towards the end of March he thought it might be nice to do song requests for people and share them on Instagram each day. He ended up making 82 videos (!) each roughly a minute long with costumes, makeup, props and music – all very lo-fi.


“…it had been a beautiful experience, and a lovely way to connect with people, but felt like the right time to stop – they’re all still available on my Instagram to watch though if you’re interested in seeing them.”
Ben Sadler

For Sofasonic Festival, Ben raids his daughter’s dressing-up box once more and returns to the wigs, tin foil and tracksuit tops with 10 new covers – requested by you lot, our Sofasonic audience!


Make your requests here on our Facebook page (you have till Friday 10 July!)