PODCAST: Supersonic Festival 2018 roundup – Part 1


“Supersonic is an absolute champion among festivals, a unique and precious thing, a banquet for the musically curious.” – Echoes and Dust Magazine.

As live footage from Supersonic Festival 2018 is released, we reminisce on the wonder that was the weekend of June 22nd-24th, Digbeth Birmingham. A culmination of a years work towards brining the UK the most exciting new underground acts, whilst simultaneously heralding experimental pioneers from across the globe. We still can’t quite get our head around what a mind-bending, life-altering few days it was. And the mango curry, of course.

Hosted by Anna Palmer and Alice Tomlinson, this will be the first part in a roundup series, playing out live sets from the festival itself, talking favourite performances and festival moments plus a brand new track from one of our featured artists. With music from:

Cattle | Yunohana Variations | Youth Man | Nik Void | Factory Floor | Deaf Kids | Shirley Collins | Yves Tumor | Yerba Mansa | Giant Swan |

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

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