MOOG Soundlab at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire: Moor Mother / Nik Void / Gum Takes Tooth / Brian Duffy


Supersonic Festival is delighted to be partnering with the internationally renowned Moog Sound Lab and The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire to create a four week artist residency programme. The Moog Sound Lab is focused on organic experimentation and is a unique opportunity for artists to explore analog sound-scaping, synthesis and effects. Artists who will be part of the residency include Moor Mother, Nik Void, Gum Takes Tooth and Brian Duffy (Modified Toy Orchestra).



When Robert Moog unveiled the Moog synthesiser to the world in 1964, he not only radically changed music, but culture itself. From the butterflies- inducing bassline on Donna Summer’s I Feel Love, to the unmistakable melody that weaves through New Order’s Blue Monday, the list of game changing songs and records from the last four decades all share one thing. The greatest pioneer of electronic music wasn’t a musician, but an eccentric physicist with a longstanding love of taking things apart and putting them back together again. This is the staple DIY, explorative and captivating behaviours that is staple to not only The MOOG Sound Lab, but rooted within Supersonic Festival itself. 

The lab moves to different venues and was previously Pioneered at Rough Trade NYC. It becomes a temporary residency space, offering a unique opportunity for artists to explore, experiment and create. A physical manifestation of the intersection of music, art and technology, the lab offers a unique resource to artists to make new work.



Residents will also include a number of students from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. These artists are all at different  stages  of  their  compositional  journeys  and will be joined by staff using the residency to work on significant research projects. These are to include baroque transcriptions  for  synthesizers (Martin  Perkins  &  Robin  Bigwood),  Integra  Lab experimentations,  and recordings  of  new  pieces  for  synthesizers  by  Seán  Clancy,  James Dooley,  and  Simon  Hall.  In  addition,  Music  Tech  lecturer  James  Dooley  will  lead  an ensemble  of  synthesists  from  both  Music  Tech  and  Composition  departments,  creating  a devised  collaborative  work  over  a  day  long  residency  in  the  Moog  Soundlab.


Listen below and whet your appetite for Supersonic Festival

Moor Mother


Nik Void


Gum Takes Tooth


Brian Duffy