Evil Blizzard

Evil Blizzard studio-232-Edit

Four bassists, a singing drummer and a baby’s head Theremin. This in short is Evil Blizzard.

Mysterious, masked merchants Evil Blizzard have achieved a lot in a relatively short period after being ‘discovered’ by Manchester music legend Mark E Smith at an early gig. He immediately signed them up to tour with his band The Fall stating that Evil Blizzard “…give me hope that music is alive and kicking”. Playing a kind of grimy doom rock, the mournful vocals and psychedelic electronics veer at times towards a trippy Black Sabbath. But by and large Evil Blizzard are just the perfect storm of …oddness. Live the band employ tried-and-tested confrontation tactics such as onstage fights and pig masks. Every generation needs its own shock-rock panto, but all too often this is at the music’s expense. Not the case here. The bass riffs are both impending and hypnotic, beckoning the audience in to their own weird and dangerous world. Evil Blizzard need to be experienced, words alone just don’t do them justice.

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