The Quietus Interview Dope Body

John Doran of The Quietus has recently interviewed Baltimore’s noise rock heroes Dope Body about their musical influences, their creative process and their upcoming set at Supersonic this year –


We all do our own thing and we’re all into different stuff. The songs come out of very long protracted jams, for maybe three hours while we change and change it. Each of us has different musical taste though. David is into hip hop, so you get different rhythms than you’d expect to get. The same with the guitar playing [Zachary Utz], it gets really classic rock at times but overall we try and keep things sludgy and heavy. And our band is also inspired by all Baltimore sounds, concentrated into one format: the rock band. Garage, hardcore, electronic music. It’s actually weirder for us not to use all these influences. It’s natural and organic and it just comes out this way.


You can read the whole interview over at The Quietus website, and catch Dope Body on Sunday 21st October at Supersonic.