Sat 30th April 2011
Hare and Hounds

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Where better to spend your honeymoon than Birmingham? Wills (P-Willy) and Kate have picked their favourite local noise makers to celebrate their marriage in style.


Stinky Wizzleteat have cancelled their performance at this gig – apologies.



Describing their own sound as ‘a cheese-grater to the ears’ the self-destructive, self-depracating Bargepole are their own worst enemy. For fans of Jesus Lizard, Hot Snakes and Charles Bukowski.


‘A heathen gang who draw in your borders and folds them out, one bass disintigrates in the other’s repetitious friction then feigns attention, the drums collapse, the drums lock, the words are a strange frame, drunk songs for the drunk, music for young lovers, music for fuckers music to polish brass too.’


Fickle Twin

Big reverb drenched riffs, vocal screeching of a madman, thundering rhythms…


Dream Dreams the Dreamer
Chaotic noise orchestra – like Skullflower, Burzum and Mayhem at the same time.


plus there’ll be DJs, stalls and a lot of love. Frankly, we’re smitten.