Louise Bolla (formerly Woodcock) was a visionary musician and DIY instigator who founded bands, Womb and Water. She departed this mortal coil in December 2021, leaving behind a legacy of empowerment through music. Members of both Water and Womb will come together once again for a moving memorial performance of Louise’s Poetry book “TANK” at this year’s Supersonic Festival. 


Womb, an all-female/NB band formed in 2011, quickly became a vital part of Manchester’s music scene, drawing comparisons to the Velvet Underground. Water, a five-piece group formed in 2015, focused on immersive, ritualistic experiences, blending art, poetry, and music. At Louise’s funeral, both bands united to celebrate her life, emphasizing inclusivity by inviting audience members to join them on stage. This special performance will be introduced at this year’s festival and will be recorded, then released with a repress “TANK”, in celebration of Louise and her never ending creative influence. Musicians from both bands will start the Supersonic performance and then will invite members of the audience, encouraging those who have never been on stage before, to pick up an instrument or grab the microphone and make noise with the band. After all nothing celebrates Louise more than giving space on the stage, especially to women and gender diverse people, and making ceremonial, spiritual, blissful walls of noise.