Review by Matt Tilt at Sonic Shocks

It’s so hot in the Rainbow tonight. Somewhat of a rarity in the Second City this place is pretty packed out to see the opening band Stinky Wizzleteat. Blessed with a much bigger sound than their latest E.P. was able to give them they finally show off that sludgy sound that they’ve promised.
After a promising opening the mood drops somewhat as Big Business take so long to get on stage and once they’re on they have to rush through their set which means you still get to see the noisy riffs but never really savour it. Even so it’s a great set which gets the blood rushing for Unsane.
Channelling early Stooges and upping the distortion. Unsane really need no introduction and the crowd are ready for something closing on perfection when they come on. Unsane offer this, sounding utterly pissed off in the process. Stripping back the sounds that have come before to some fast and heavy, dissonant punk; there’s little to be said between the harsh slabs off noise that this trio send wailing from their instruments and the intensity is palpable. The juxtaposition between Chris and Dave’s vocals adds some interesting elements, and it’s telling of the quality this band can produce when every track could a golden classic or new blood because they all carry that same level of scuzzy, nastiness.
It’s hard to think of anyone actually overshadowing Unsane, and various issues ensured it wasn’t going to happen tonight, but it’s also rare to find a band who so fully deserve the hype. Without a doubt this will be a gig remembered by those in attendance for a long time.