Supersonic 2024

Tristwch y Fenywod are a Welsh-language gothic rock power-coven. Conjured from the experimental underground of darkest Leeds, the group channels songs of bog bodies, flickering landscapes and queer enchantment for dual-zither, bass and electronic drums.  


Tristwch y Fenywod (The Sadness of Women) are Gwretsien Ferch Lisbeth (Guttersnipe, Petronn Sphene), Leila Lygad (Hawthonn) and Sidni Sarffwraig (Slaylor Moon, The Courtneys). Formed in 2022, the music sounds like it could have been excavated from a haul of mouldering reel-to-reel tapes from the early 80s – like some recently rediscovered unholy grail of edgy, atmospheric, occult feminist goth. The dual-zither which leads their music is Gwretsien’s innovation, giving them a unique Celtic darkwave sound, but comparisons have also been drawn with The Cure circa “Pornography” and early Virgin Prunes. Their first record will be released this summer by Night School Records.