To Rococo Rot + Mike in Mono

Tue 2nd July 2002
Flapper and Firkin
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To Rococo Rot (Germany – Domino records)
Mike In Mono


TO ROCOCO ROT ‘s stated aim has always been the transfer of electronic music from the club to everyday life, in which music in its fleeting, non tangible form becomes something more concrete. They formed in 1995 when brothers Robert and Ronald Lippok were invited by the owner of a gallery, in which they were exhibiting their artwork, to record some music instead of providing a catalogue. Rising to the challenge, they invited bassist Stefan Schneider from up and coming DŸsseldorf based Kreidler to join them, and the result was their debut album, released by Kitty-Yo in late 1995

The new album sees TO ROCOCO ROT at their most accessible, weaving intricate melodies amongst intimate sounds, whilst maintaining the trademark warmth and elegance that has always lain deep at the heart of their sound.