Sofasonic 2020

SUNDAY 19 JULY // 15:50 BST


Tirikilatops, hatched in Seoul, is an avant-garde cross cultural collaborative effort between UK and South Korean artists/musicians. Together they forge bizarre electro k-pop from an ingredients list that contains kimchi beats, pop sensibilities, offbeat lyrics, hacked keyboards, rice wine, halloween attitudes and super earworm melodies.


Sofa Sabbath is a series we’ve created especially for Sofasonic! This is a really special treat… Bringing together our two loves – Supersonic & Home of Metal we’ve invited a whole host of artists to put their unique spin on the forefathers of Heavy Metal, Black Sabbath. Distributed throughout our Sofasonic programme, keep your eyes peeled for wild interpretations and creative covers of classic Sabbath songs for our pure viewing enjoyment!