Kids Gig: Tirikilatops

Sun 3rd February 2019
Kids Gigs
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Supersonic Kids Gig – Tirikilatops
Sunday 3 February 
11.30 -13.00
Tickets from MAC Birmingham

Big Sounds for Little People. If you couldn’t guess from the snappy title, it’s a gig, for kids and their families, which aims to introduce children to experimental music at an early age.

This event is led by Tirikilatops, an avant-garde, cross-cultural, collaborative effort between UK and South Korean artists/musicians. Together they forge bizarre electro k-pop from an ingredients list that contains kimchi beats, pop sensibilities, offbeat lyrics, hacked keyboards and super earworm melodies. Their guiding forces are surrealism, dada, forteana and charity shop finds. This could be our most eclectic Kids Gig yet!

Recommended for children under 10.
All children must be accompanied by an adult.