Æthenor + Einstellung

Sat 13th June 2009
Hare and Hounds

Polar Bear - York Road - Kings Heath
Swordfish - Birmingham city centre

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Æthenor summon the most somnolent examples of Bernard Parmegiani, Organum, Nurse with Wound, Klaus Schulze, Igor Wakhevitch, Coil, Iancu Dumitrescu and Charlemagne Palestine. Acousmatic drones drift into crackling and bubbling sonic clusters. Lulling piano motifs and lamenting chants shimmer into distant lunar horizons while oscillators spin and drove serenely into unchartered audial regions. Sometimes as calm as a silvery sea, so that every gentle cat’s-paw and lapping wave is deafening, sometimes as tempestuous as a fuming lava beach, spitting and popping at the surface. The invocational aspects of Æthenor are of course to be expected when looking at the previous output of its individual members. Except here, the bombast is contained and a much more delicate approach is employed. Æthenor have unlocked a chamber of arcane and auroral sound that is as incandescent as it is magnetic. Like the moons pull.

Stephen O`Malley – Sunn 0))) / Khanate / KTL / Burning Witch /
Kristoffer Rygg – ULVER main man / Arcturus / Borknagar / Head Control System
Daniel O`Sullivan – Guapo / Mothlite / Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses / Chrome Hoof
Vincent de Roguin – Shora


1 of 3 exclusive UK shows.

In its early years, Einstellung acted as an outlet for its four members from the day to day trawl of 9 to 5 living. A mutual appreciation of all things warm, loud and hypnotic initially lead to a 28-minute piece entitled Sleep Easy Mr Parker. The result was far too pleasing to be ignored and with a new found momentum the band moved from what was an idyllic escape, to a full steam locomotion assault. Members of Godflesh and sludge titans, Sally in a powered up shoegaze band. This is blissed out pop with nods to MBV, Mary Chain, as well as post rock flourishes and the odd bit of Sister era Sonic Youth. Nice intricate time changes with nods to 20th century composer Steve Reich but with a sense of urgency missing from most so called post rock bands.

Feat ex members of Sally, Katastrophy Wife, Cable Regime, Godflesh, Grover

This show also features a surprise performance from Head of David.

Poster by Ben Javens