Supersonic 2024

The Shits aren’t just plain angry they funnel that anger into purpose and this amounts to a tight yet sludgy amalgamation of guitar grit, trashy drums and UK82 era street punk growls.    


Like fellow Rocket recordings stalwarts/Supersonic alumni Gnod & Pigsx7, The Shits do not fear veering into the red especially when it comes to recording guitars and playing venues up and down the UK. If these grimy dirges and salvos of horror have a precedent, it’s in the menacing audial lineage that connects Fun House through the AmRep label, Brainbombs and Drunk In Hell – the process where relentless negativity is alchemically transformed into profane primal salvation. Yet The Shits worship no heroes, obeying a thanatotic urge that sees no separation between death and glory. 


“The Shits are a singular slab of dense, sonorous drone-y doom metal, replete with almost painfully cutting guitar and acupuncture-like stabs of feedback.”– Louder Than War