Supersonic 2024

THE NONE is a new band of lifelong musicians. Comprising of Birmingham and Supersonic Recordings own Kaila Whyte (Blue Ruth, Youth Man) on vocals, bassist Gordon Moakes (Bloc Party, Young Legionnaire), guitarist Jim Beck (Cassels) and drummer Chris Francombe (Frauds), they make an uncompromising vision of noise rock with melody at its heart, channelling the spirit of The Jesus Lizard, Silverfish and Unwound.



The band formed at the start of 2023 and bonded over hours in the rehearsal room – making noise, discussing shared obsessions, and, most importantly, playing together. The anonymity of their name reflects a creative approach which favours egoless experimentation and open collaboration. This ethos, the combined decades of music making, and the unique musical identities of all four members can be clearly heard in the art they create.