Terminal Cheesecake

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2018

“London’s clown princes of synapse-shredding noise rock and psychedelia “. – The Quietus


Noise rock, dub, industrial and heavy, heavy psychedelia: this is a group that goes as far back as the formation of the UK underground rock and industrial scenes. Formed in East London in 1988 as the first band on Rough Trade’s Wiija label, they are still turning in incendiary live performances and uncompromising recordings to this day, having celebrated an influential Peel session, six albums and two EPs in the meantime.

Terminal Cheesecake are one of England’s greatest musical oddities, chief exponents of unmerciful, head-frying psychedelia, deranged dub and electronica – here to bash our brains in at Supersonic this June.